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All sport is a simulation of hunting

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Humans are social animals who band together in cohesive groups called tribes or communities. To survive as Hunter-Gatherers we humans have foraged and hunted for food and protection.

However, we have become modern and increasingly urban. We get our food from the local bazzar and don't have to hunt for it. Nor do we have to bear arms to fight off other tribes/groups and wild animals.

But the instinctive hunting behaviour remains deeply ingrained within us and needs expression. Sport caters to that instinct of both the individual hunter and the pack of hunters.

Hunting involves one or several features such as strategising, planning, training, chasing, aiming, shooting, grappling, etc.

Let us take the case of soccer. There is a group of hunters in this case it is a team of footballers. They take a weapon called a ball which they pass to one another and then aim to shoot it into a goal. They do this all whilst fighting off the challenges and great odds hurled at them by the opposing team. In a metaphorical manner of speaking, each team is trying to overwhelm even destroy the other.

At the end of the game, the winning team gets a cup, symbolic of the kill. This is the prize which they take back to their tribe with great pomp and joy. Then the whole tribe feasts and drowns in revelry.

To the uninformed, the behaviour of sportspersons (the hunters) and their supporters appears crazy. The whole tribe (represented by fans and supporters) goes into a frenzy, before and during the confrontation. The tribe members don the uniform (jersey etc) and regalia of their team to show their support and commitment. They sing their unique song and chant their special mantra.

There is a manner to the madness.

These warriors who win or participate can be feted, showered with gifts and fame, and attract the best mates. The tribe simply adores them.

Players generally retain good physical and emotional health. They live happier lives despite the injuries they sustain, and the investment they make in time and money. In addition, the social bonds that get built up between players facilitate collaboration between them ensuring success in life.

Not surprisingly, successful communities have a rich tradition in sports. As sports become more popular, the entire community begins to play and socialise. Strangely these acts of war unite people and help them to collectively succeed.

if we want to improve our life skills, cater to our primal instincts, forge long-lasting friendships and enjoy life, we need to take up and participate in sports.


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