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Checklist to determine toxicity level of an Organised Religion.

Organised religion which have become toxic, can be identified by the following characteristics.

  1. Where there is a clear hierarchy and chain of command in the priestly class.

  2. Where the individual soul ceases to have any real value.

  3. Where the individual is an insignificant part of the mob.

  4. Where individual seeking, thought and action are forbidden. Followers must blindly and unquestioningly obey.

  5. Where women have low or no status, dignity or rights.

  6. Where an individual's life is completely subjugated to the whims and fancies of priests and clergy quoting from ancient texts, scripture and practice.

  7. Where they teach and practice 'us versus them' ideology. Divide people into separate groups on the basis of colour, gender, race, caste, etc.

  8. Where fear and violence is not only advocated, but is recommended as the first step in engagement

  9. Where there is little or no respect for the environment, nature and other living beings.


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1 Comment

Nov 02, 2019

All Irrational Beliefs and Superstitions should be discarded. One must use one's mind to sift Truth from Fiction.

Morality should be ensured.

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