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Happiness is our encounter with 'The Sacred'.

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Beyond survival and security, almost all human effort can be attributed to the seeking of happiness. But what is happiness?

No two individuals can fully agree on what constitutes happiness, and with good reason.

Happiness is a warm, fuzzy and pleasant state of emotional existence.

The individual may seek happiness but he or she cannot realise and experience it in isolation. This is because the individual is not separate from the Universe.

We are part of the same universal energy which connects and flows through all beings, things and space. The matter and energy that constitutes the entire Universe is also a part of the individual.

To help us exist in the Universe the individual's mind constructs an identity, an ego, the "I' with which the individual identifies himself or herself. Unfortunately it also creates a barrier that separates the individual emotionally and spiritually from the Universe.

We long, in a manner of speaking, to return to the comfort of the womb from which we have emerged. To be blissfully whole and be spiritually and emotionally united with the Universe. This Universe is what is described by many names, such as Param-Atman, Waheguru, Creator, Creation, God, etc.

We experience happiness when we the individual being connects with the Universe in this life not the after-life. The longer we stay connected with the Universe the happier we feel.

This space where we make that spiritual and emotional connection and experience happiness is called 'The Sacred'. It is the mysterious dimension of human existence.

The Sacred can be described as a state of existence in which our emotional energy causes us to experience one or more of the following emotions, vitality, passion, exuberance, will, force, movement, excitement, activity, impetus., etc.

This energy which we call 'the Sacred' is always active, exclusive, urgent and compelling. This is what we know as passion.

Each individual possesses passion, and is compulsively driven by it. Our passion burns within us, driving us to subconsciously and even unconsciously to constantly seek the Sacred. The focus of our seeking varies in direction, pace and intensity over different times. That is why our desires are hard to describe and we rarely know what we want or how to achieve them.

The Universe is the the ocean to which we must and will return through the Sacred again and again.

Why is happiness elusive?

In a life dominated by materialism and intellectualism, the individual seeks The Sacred by using their body, wealth, power, influence, strength, knowledge and cunning. The result is that they may attain other things but never happiness.

Our mind and ego numbs and blinds our senses hampering our ability to reach The Sacred and the Universe beyond. This is why a precondition for happiness is that the mind has to be stilled and silenced.

It has long been believed that the mind can be silenced only by meditation. However there are many other ways by which the mind can be stilled or even ignored.

There are many pathways to touch and experience The Sacred.

We get a taste of the Sacred only when we ignore the physical and intellectual to become just pure emotional beings. This happens when we drown ourselves in certain intense creative elements like music, dance, art, sport, laughter, etc.

It has to be understood that 'The Sacred', does not mean religious. There are however elements in religion which help us to realise the Sacred.

Take the case of Kirtan and Bhajans, in fact listening to all forms of hymns and songs. We sometimes get transported to and dwell in the Sacred even if so for a very brief while.

All people across all cultures since ancient times have had the tradition of music, song and dance which often sends participants into a trance. That blissful trance where one moves beyond space and time is The Sacred.

There is also the mistaken notion that to be happy one has to abandon life and living. In fact life and nature gifts us happiness in little packs throughout our daily existence and entire life.

There are many natural ways by which we can be transported to touch and experience the Sacred.

They include feminine nature (different from female), our sensuality, art, meditation, trauma, excesses and depravations, existential crisis, physical effort, sport, humour, laughter, etc.

Then there are also unnatural ways to reach the same state of energy and that is through alcohol, other intoxicants and drugs. The unnatural approach may appear real but is actually an illusion albeit a powerful one.


If the Universe wills it, I will share more insights and experiences with you in subsequent posts.


Extracted from my proposed book 'Achieving Success and Realising Happiness'

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