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In a time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cardamom extract is saving lives.

Updated: May 13, 2021

Several months ago, my wife, our son, grandson and I tested positive for COVID-19. Under advice of our physician we immediately quarantined ourselves and began the prescribed procedure to ensure well being.

There is no cure for COVID-19, we can only help our bodies to remain strong to resist the coronavirus from overwhelming us.

I also informed my dear friend Dr. Rajendra Jagdale the head of (STP) Science and Technology Park, Pune.

Dr. Jagdale informed me, that one of STP's startup company headed by Dr. Prashanth Varkey had successfully developed a Cardamom extract based nutritional supplement that had been quite effective in combating COVID-19 infection and preventing the development of Cytokine storms, the main culprit in causing deaths in COVID-19 patients.

They had already carried out trials in conjunction with standard health care on several thousand COVID-19 patients and obtained excellent results. This sounded nothing short of a miracle, and before I could even request Doctor Jagdale to send me some of the capsules, he immediately had 60 capsules sent to me.

We fortified out bodies with various vitamins, zinc, and a mild steroid. We also took the cardamom capsules as per recommended dosage. 5 days later when we retested ourselves, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that we tested COVID-19 negative. There were no adverse effects of the cardamom extract and the Coronavirus infection caused us little or no problems.

To be on the safe side we remained in quarantine for a total of 18 days. I was now eager to know more about the miraculous power of Cardamom extract , particularly in its early treatment of COVID-19 infection. I wanted to share this amazing discovery with others, it fits well with my philosophy to inform and educate.

Last week I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Varkey and Dr. Jagdale and they educated me on the subject.

Cardamom is considered the princess of all spices because of its superb health benefits. It has been used in Ayurveda (ancient Indian text - 'The Science of life') for thousands of years and now confirmed by modern science.

But what was the science behind it?

Cardamom has many essential oils Terpenes, esters, flavonoids. The major components are 1,8-Cineole (Eucalyptol) and Alpha-Terpineol along with many other minor components including, pinene, menthone, Borneo, limonene and myrcene.

Umpteen modern scientific studies have discovered the power of Cardamom in ensuring maintenance and revival of good health.

Dr. Varkey and associates had set up and incubated a company Zum Heilen Diagnostic and Therapeutics to take the project forward and commercialise cardamom extract.

Some folks asked, "What if I just consume cardamom pods. Will it help fight Coronavirus?"

People who merely consume pods of cardamom will not see any benefits, because each pod contains only minor quantities of the vital ingredients. Cardamom will have health benefits when consumed over very long periods, but in case of COVID-19 infection we do not have the luxury of time. That is why the FSSAI approved Cardamom extract capsule provides vital assistance to combat COVID-19.

The best way to take advantage is to keep a bottle (60 capsules) of cardamom extract at home. To start consuming the capsule only when we show some symptoms or suspect that we might have been infected with COVID-19.

In some few cases who were at advanced stage of COVID-19 infection the Cardamom extract capsules had limited or no benefits but in general 98% of the cases recovered and that too very quickly.

One can order the bottles of cardamom extract directly from the company Zum Heilen Diagnostic and Therapeutics from their website.

Wish you good health.



This article has been written with the aim of informing and educating readers of the development of a potent and effective, remedy using natural ingredients that combats COVID-19 infection. This is not a substitute for standard medical treatment protocols, but an additional support to help recovery of infected persons.

I am neither a scientist nor a physician. My family, friends and I have benefitted from consuming cardamom extract. If you have any doubts please consult your doctor.


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Shriniwas Dandekar
Shriniwas Dandekar
12. Mai 2021

Where can one get this medicine ?

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