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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Lèse-majesté is a French term 'to do wrong to majesty'. It is a millennia old concept that one cannot offend the sovereign of a state. Even in democracies many elected officials unleash the harshest of reactions should they or their ideas be questioned, let alone criticised.

Over a four hundred year period (1500 - 1920) Europe though sheer ruthlessness, deceit, cunning, and industry had colonised large parts controlling at its peak 84% of the world to became rulers of the world. The tragedy is after two world wars and loss of their colonies and reduced to 18% of the world, they still consider themselves as the rulers of the entire world except allies like Japan, Australia, Canada etc.

Rulers consider themselves above the principles, laws and practices they themselves espouse for others to follow. They do pretty much what they want and their own populace and others across the world must meekly submit.

After world war II America became the emperor and Europe became kingdoms that could survive only by owing fealty to USA. They became like the empires of past with the nobility in charge of but not independent control of their territory. All this was disguised as Republics, democracies and other fictions.

This empire was challenged by another ideology called communism led by the Soviet Union. Because of the USSR's lack of economic incentives their economies fell back and eventually the Soviet Union collapsed and with it much of global communism. A new powerful hybrid communism emerged in China and Vietnam which combined the two systems. Political Communism married to Economic Capitalism.

Back to Europe.

Backed by the USA, Europeans consider themselves at the centre of the known universe with all roads, ideas, wealth and power leading to Europe. This is how it was, and has been. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, this idea of Majesty and undisputed rulers of the world was further reinforced. The racist, sexist, xeonphobic and capitalist traits that justified and sustained colonialism have never really gone away. They have just been kept out of sight, only to emerge and rear its toxic head from time to time as can be witnessed mostly with Hinduphobia, Indophobia, Islamophobia, Sinophobia and Russophobia.

European countries are Individually not strong so they united to form the European Union for all matters, with defence/offence being undertaken by another joint venture called NATO which is led by America.

Europeans dictated everything, they bullied and pushed everyone around the world pretty much as they wished. But that is the problem with power, it goes to the head and then reason leaves the mind while justice and truth leave the soul.

Over past two decades America and Europe discovered to their horror that two old civilisations China and Russia have grown uncomfortably big, smart and strong like adolescents who do not take so kindly to being dictated to or be patronised. India is the next child that is coming into its own.

The West decided it is now time to finish off these two upstarts and challengers once for all and show the rest of the world the price that they will have to pay for 'Lèse-majesté'.

The attack on Russia is three pronged.

The first is economic war by way of economic and financial sanctions now numbering approx. 6,400. To choke and collapse the Russian economy.

Secondly, proxy military war, using Ukraine and other bit players like Lithuania, Poland etc. to wear out and bankrupt Russia.

Third, political war, attempts to isolate Russia geo politically.

The West were so confident on the expected success of financial and trade sanctions they never focussed much on the other two prongs.

Imagine, Europe will starve itself of food and energy, criminally expropriate Russian assets seizing them at will and disposing them off to the leader's cronies. All this disregarding due process of law on which genuine democracies stand. Against all laws and norms seize sovereign foreign reserves, indulge in piracy etc. etc.

They insist on paying in Euros for their purchases which they have vowed to seize and expect Russia to bow down and accept this insane sense of entitlement by Europe.

Lèse-majesté has no place in a modern world but Europe knows no other way than to consider itself rulers and dictators of the world.

The arrogance and hate that excessive Lèse-majesté generates always leads to the downfall of every regime that practices it. How then can the European regime escape the same fate?


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