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Material and Spiritual Truth

Truth encompasses the entire Universe and Creation. The individual who desires to understand and imbibe the truth has to look both within and without.

Truth is of two kinds, material truth and spiritual truth.

Material truth deals with matter, people, events, patterns and thoughts. Let me clarify,

Humans are biological beings, who have needs of hunger, security, sex etc. This is the world of the animal that is natural within us The animal that has been shaped over millions of years by evolution. This is the physical world.

Humans are also emotional and intellectual beings who have wants, such as companionship, self worth, creative expression, social acceptance, etc. This is the world of the intelligent animal that can look back at the past and have both dreams and apprehensions about the future. What is and what could be. This is the intellectual and emotional world.

In a nutshell one can say that material truth encompasses all that is physical, emotional and intellectual. Activated by and responding to the world outside our being.

Spiritual truth deals with consciousness and energy.

Each one of us is in the ultimate a unique spiritual being, who has no desires, no needs, nor wants, just to be free to continue on its journey to eventually return to and merge with the one source of all universal energy.

This is the world of spirituality. It lies nascent within us waiting to be realised. To be triggered by incidents and experiences, or by a master or Guru.

Where material truth ends, spiritual truth begins. The former is for the external world and our survival, the latter is for the inner world and our total freedom.

The confusion arises when we mix up these fundamental differences regarding truth.

One thing is for certain. The more we talk about truth, the more distant it grows.

Truth, talk of it less experience it more.


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