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Merely Chasing & Catching are insufficient for success.

There exists an overabundance of individuals and organisations that coach and offer advise on 'how to?' on everything. Some of the most popular ones are

How to get the perfect job?

How a person can ensnare the perfect mate or partner?

How to bag that great client account?

This is all fine and hunky dory, yet often results in unhappiness and disaster.

We catch the person we chase after but discover we cannot hold on to them. We catch a good customer but we cannot satisfactorily service that customer or land that great job but cannot retain it.

Some organisations can bag that lucrative contract using political influence or offering financial incentives. However, they are unable to execute the contract to provide services, manufacture the product or construct the project. They have invested so much in getting the contract but not much in how to execute it. As a consequence, they lose their money and their reputation.

People after getting coached may ace the interviews and get their dream job which offers good remuneration, and benefits, but soon discover they are unable to cope with the job expectations. They may be able to game and beat the selection process but they cannot so easily beat the performance checks, Such people either leave or they are summarily dismissed.

The only exception for progress without performance is to become a government employee. No need to perform and deliver results, just be paid a salary and get periodic increments and promotions, until retirement. Some giant organisations, Non-Profit organisations, are like those who work for the government, get recruited and do nothing except show up day after day. However, even that is changing with greater demands on performance even by the government and large organisations.

Despite knowing the limitations of merely chasing, most of us fail to anticipate and hence plan to prepare ourselves for beyond the immediate. Chasing is a primordial human condition catering to our hunting instincts making the chase itself psychologically and emotionally rewarding.

However, the chase is only the first important step in achieving success. It is also crucial to be able to keep the relationship strong, vibrant and rewarding for everyone concerned as required.

We usually focus mainly on how to catch something but not how to keep, nurture and leverage it. Often experts and consultants usually guide us only to the point of catching but not retaining and maintaining the relationship.

This could help explain why even those who have great partners become disillusioned, unhappy and bored. They know almost everything that needs to be known about their partner so they cast their eye elsewhere fantasising about other partners.

Enduring yet vibrant partnerships always have some element of mystery. Each partner is evolving emotionally, intellectually, financially and socially. Bringing that newness back into a relationship is like a tonic to refresh the relationship.

The same goes for a job in the private sector. One has to keep on adding value to the employer-employee relationship to experience and learn new things and continuously evolve. That learning and evolution flows back to the organisation permitting it to take care of the employee.

A good way is to start with the longer-term goal in mind and understand the challenges and oneself. Strategise and implement that strategy, keep on pedalling and keep on moving forward until the goals are met.


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