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World War@Ukraine - Plan ‘C’ - Supply Heavy Weaponry.

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Plan 'C' - Supply Heavy Weaponry

Since Plan 'A' and Plan 'B' have blown up in their faces, the West has moved on to Plan 'C'.

Plan 'C' is primarily the supply of heavy weaponry, such as tanks, fighter aircraft, etc. providing lots of artillery guns, and supplying truck mounted missile systems, to attack targets at greater distance than 'MANPADS' (man-portable air-defense systems) can. And there are the and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS). The West too even dipping into NATO member countries own operational inventories.

All equipment earmarked for Ukraine from the West are mostly supplied through Poland. There is no accountability of where and how these weapons are being used as they are dumped into the black hole of Ukrainian unaccountability. It is widely held that more than half of all supplies are being punted of to illegal international arms dealers at huge discounts and hence there are a whole group of people making vast fortunes. One shudders to think of all these weapons floating around in Europe and then spread deployed across the world and the destruction and mayhem they will cause.

After crossing the Western border from Poland into Ukraine the equipment were being mostly loaded onto trains and then being shipped to Eastern and Southern Ukraine.

Russia in response knocked out several key bridges, and the electrical substations that provided power to the rail locomotives of the mostly electric Ukrainian railway system. These attacks have rendered the rail system from the West to the East and South mostly inoperable. The Russians flying nearly 300 air sorties each night regularly take out bunkers, supply and ammunition storage depots, fuel storage areas, refineries etc.

Disabled Ukrainian rail network

This has made it incredibly difficult to resupply the Ukrainian forces, who are now increasingly running out of fuel, vehicles, heavy weapons, artillery, aircraft etc.

Ukrainian mining of their ports coupled with a tight blockade by the Russian navy in the Black sea has exacerbated the situation. It is now only a matter of time that the already weak Ukrainian forces will collapse. Probably latest by end July 2022 the Ukrainians will have to surrender and sue for peace or die fighting.

In the meantime many parts of the world dependent on Ukrainian and Russian grain and food items will go hungry, leading to riots in the streets and governments being pulled down.

The people of Ukraine themselves are experiencing a shortage of fuel, food, medical supplies, essential parts, materials and energy.

Yet we hear, read and consume all this fiction about Ukraine's successes and its triumphant march. But, why are the Globalists indulging in feeding the world these fantasies? This brings us to their Plan 'X' , which I shall cover in the next article.


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