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World War@Ukraine - Plan 'B' - Supply Weapons Systems

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Plan 'B', Supply Weapons Systems

At the start of this conflict, Russia were considered to possess the second most powerful armed forces in the world. Even though the Ukrainians were ranked 22nd they had a huge arsenal of former Soviet equipment and even more vast quantities of NATO supplied sophisticated weapons, ammunition, defence systems, and training.

Nevertheless the superior Russian forces, within the first 48 hours 'Special military operation' knocked out the entire air defence system and most of the airforce fleet of Ukraine.The Russians then proceeded to pick out and destroy within the next 2 to 3 weeks, much of the Ukrainian armoured vehicle fleet, artillery, missile launchers etc.

The America approach to war has been the destruction of people and win the war, whereas the Russian one has to be the destruction of armies and win the peace.

Hence the Russians, assiduously focussed on minimising civilian and collateral losses. Infrastructure was mostly preserved and populations consciously unharmed, even though Russians paid for it by higher losses of their own soldiers and equipment. Ukrainians on the other hand, often did not hesitate to place guns and missile systems within densely populated areas using their own civilians as human shields. In such cases civilians were hurt and killed whenever there was a Russian counter attack.

America and the West decided and sent vast quantities of entire high tech weapons systems. These included, primarily MANPADS ( man-portable air-defense systems) which are shoulder-fired missile systems, 'Javelin' for anti-armour, 'NLAW' (Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon), Stinger for anti-aircraft. Then there were other missile systems such as Russian S-300, German Gepard tank mounted anti-aircraft systems, howitzers, (artillery guns), Mi-17 helicopters, MiG 29 fighter aircraft, drones of all kinds, etc.

Shockingly these widely touted 'game changer' weapons systems achieved very little. The thousands of Stingers and Javelin missiles took out about 38 aircraft and destroyed only 4 tanks respectively. Why is this so?

The Russians changed tactics and neutralised the ability of Ukrainians to effectively use these missile systems, but there was another shocking reason, quality of the missile systems.

Ukrainian soldiers have complained bitterly of the quality and ineffectiveness of these weapons highly acclaimed by NATO governments and Western media. So bad was the situation that the Ukrainian government issued a decree signed by President Zelensky forbidding criticism and made it illegal for any Ukrainian citizen or solider to voice complaints in this regard within the troops, publicly, or on social media.

Most (70%) of these weapons systems supplied to Ukraine by NATO were permitted to reach the Eastern front where they were promptly captured or destroyed shortly after arrival by the Russians. Ironically, Russia now possesses the largest stockpile of NATO's Javelin missile systems in the world.

Evidently Plan 'B' of supplying so called 'game changer' weapons systems has also failed. But the Western media and governments continue to tom tom about current and future Ukrainian victories attributed to these wonder weapons, whereas the exact opposite is true. America and Europe want to prolong the conflict as long as possible so as to cause economic and military attrition of Russia by sacrificing Ukrainian, blood, wealth and territory.

At the end of this conflict, and the conflict will certainly end one day, Ukraine will be in massive debt to Europe and America. Hundreds of billions of dollars of 'aid' and debt will have to be paid off by several future generations of a devastated Ukraine. A completely avoidable tragedy engineered by evil men.


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