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The Evil Eye - Part 01

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

There seems to be an unwritten law of life

Inexplicably when we talk of something good, it sours, talk of something bad, it occurs.

Usually dismissed as grandmothers superstition the idea of 'The Evil Eye' ('Buree Nazar' in Punjabi) could offer us an explanation.

We continuously transmit and receive energy between ourselves and others and in different forms, verbally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is either positive energy such as blessings, love, good wishes, joy or negative energy such as hatred, curses, jealousy, ill wishes etc. depending upon our disposition towards the one we interact with.

We always have good feelings towards people we love and like, and reserve our negativity for people we do not like. Energy flows to where it is directed or attracted.

What I discovered is that we all have an aura, which is an extension of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. It's an energy field which extends beyond our body.

Our aura announces us and our intentions without us even saying a word or lifting a finger. Understanding this phenomenon is a vital key for achieving success and realising happiness.

These energies can be sensed by us the evidence of which can also be detected by special photography which capture the image of the energy which envelops every being.

This unique aura is energy projected in layers emanating from our body depending on our mental, emotional and spiritual condition and state of being. This could help explain why we get 'good or bad vibes' from people we interact with and that guides our decision making and actions.

The ancients in all societies have always cautioned us to be careful about the company we keep and to avoid places where negative energies are prevalent and predominant.

Unfortunately we have grown too logical, and learnt to merely follow the herd. Believing ourselves smarter than we really are, cleverer, and powerful than the other we plunge into relationships and activities only to regret it later.

Even if have been charmed, flattered, gifted something, if one experiences a feeling in the gut that the situation or person does not feel right, one should be cautious, trust that instinctive vibe and act suitably.

Men are more easily swayed by flattery and charm but women not so easily. This is why I often request my wife to accompany me whenever establishing a new business relationship with someone.

I hate to admit it, but to my surprise she has always been right in her analysis. I believe this is because women are more sensitive to these energies than we men are, but few men appreciate these qualities in their partners.

In future articles I will share with you based on my own experiences how we can protect ourselves and recover from the impact of negative energies.


Written and Posted: March 2023 ~ by Gurvinder Singh

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