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The Power is within me

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Our grandson Tegh Vir Singh, was only a year old and had discovered mobility. He crawled rapidly all over the house.

He would often come exploring into our bedroom. Attached to and below the bed was a heavy drawer which housed all the sheets and blankets etc. Tegh Vir had observed the actions of his grandmother as she made up the room every morning.

Children learn by imitating the behaviour of people around them. Even though Tegh is still so little, and unable to pull open the drawer, he persisted, in trying to copy his grandmother's actions of opening and closing the drawer.

One morning the drawer once again caught TeghVir's attention. He huffed and he puffed but the drawer would not open. I decided to assist Tegh, so I discretely pulled open the long drawer from one corner. Tegh Veer beamed with joy and he looked around announcing his success for all who cared to listen in that strange language that only mothers understand.

He then pushed the draw shut, again with my discrete help. He was delighted by his success and on discovering his new found capabilities.

We both played our roles in the game several times. After about a dozen cycles TeghVir was still going strong but I grew bored and weary of the game and I stopped opening and closing the drawer.

Tegh, grew increasingly confused. In spite of all his efforts, the drawer now refused to budge. He tried and he tried, looked around for support, and when none was forthcoming, began his huffing and puffing all over again.

'Well, my world is full of other fun things to do', he probably thought as he scampered off, embarking on a new adventure.

It suddenly dawned upon me that what had just transpired was a great spiritual lesson.

Each individual feels that he or she alone is the doer. Everything that succeeds is because of us and us alone. But hands and forces hidden and unknown to us are always working and assisting us.

Such is the power of Creation which many call God, that miracles happen all the time.

I have experienced, that whatever we do with commitment and all our focus and passion, will automatically draw the energy from the cosmos and from within our higher self to support whatever we do.

This is what all the great masters and teachers tell us, "Be true to yourself" or "seek and you shall find". But be a true seeker.

The spiritually evolved individual knowingly or unknowingly taps into this this vast reservoir of energy. We should remember that the energy of the cosmos or energy within us is just pure energy, and energy is not judgemental, it just follows its own rules.

If we are full of hate, anger, jealousy, then our bitterness and negativity will be magnified and we will be destructive and cause only harm and sorrow.

So it is with goodness. If we are compassionate, loving, friendly and helpful, we will achieve joy and well being, not only for ourselves but we will enrich the cosmos and everyone we come in contact with.

I have learnt that if I choose wisely and implement with full commitment, success is most likely, because the latent power is always within and around me.


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