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Toxic nexus

Updated: Apr 15

We humans are the only creatures that kill members of our species on a massive scale for ideological reasons.

Ideologists are people fascinated by an idea. Any lie that serves their idea/cause is considered good. The more beautiful the idea, the more nobler the cause, the greater the crimes ideologists are willing to justify and commit.

The most destructive ideologies are Communism, Religion and Capitalism, (CRC).

Communism and its offspring Socialism demand an impossibility, equality for all humans. In nature, nothing is equal to anything else, even two seeds are not the same.

Religion is worship of a super-being called 'God', whose will their followers impose on everyone. Religion as we know it, is of two basic types.

Monotheist (belief in one God), Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

They are exclusionary by nature creating an 'us versus them' syndrome that births intolerance. They cannot tolerate worship of their same Abrahamic God even by a different name.

Then we have the Indic religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism etc born out of the Sanatana Dharma. They are philosophies more than religions, that respect and worship Creation in all its manifestations. Hindus are wrongly perceived as polytheists, Buddhists do not even believe in God.

Capitalists are people who worship the unlimited acquisition of wealth and power.

Abrahamic religions believe in the second coming of their God on judgement day. Prophesied when the earth and its population as we know it will be destroyed. So the fanatics amongst them are doing what they believe is their God's work in expediting death and destruction.

Communism and Abrahamic religions believe that their ideology must be universal and unquestionable. Which in their way of believing, can only be achieved by the destruction of the former and the present world. Irrespective of what beautiful terms they use they use to describe themselves, they are inherently violent and destructive.

To attain their new world order, they follow the same 4 step process.

  1. They must demotivate their target, so they work on brainwashing and misinforming making people despise themselves, and everything they believe in.

  2. Cause as much death and destruction as possible, to sow fear and create chaos.

  3. Intervene in every situation and institution, political, cultural, social, economic, and military using the chosen ideology.

  4. Take over and impose their ideology. The individual is unimportant, the ideology is everything.

This is why Communist regimes have killed off more than 145 million people in the past century alone. First Christianity and until now Jihadis have caused the death of more than a billion people in just the past 1000 years. The killing and destruction go on but now in a more sophisticated manner and at a slower pace.

This is why we will find a toxic alliance between the Leftists, Jihadis and Missionaries. Each sows as much division and chaos in society as possible. Seeking to strip the individual from their traditional society and way of life. The left focuses on LGBTQ+, Wokeism, Feminism, Race, Gender, Caste, Social Justice, etc. issues.

Socialism is more popular amongst the so-called 'educated'. to divide people in preparation for their slaughter and downfall. The Jihadis are more crude, just kill and sow panic and fear.

The Capitalists are people who have control over resources and possess seemingly unlimited wealth and power. They control society discretely using whoever or whatever means they can.

Capitalists are subtle in their approach, they never dirty their hands. They only seek to profit. They want the Leftists and Jihadis to destroy, which the Capitalists and their power brokers finance and control. Capitalists then finance the reconstruction of destroyed societies creating new but unstable societies. They are cannibalistic using their finance for growth and then feeding off their target to sustain their wealth and power, in an unending cycle.

The Leftists, the Religious lunatics and the merciless Capitalists cannot tolerate one another and are inimical to each other. Yet they need one another. They need to get, the blind, unthinking but emotional public on their side and this is the importance of media and educational institutions. Democracies are their preference.

Now let's talk about the media.

Both Mass and Social media are creations of the Capitalists. They dish out more bad and demotivating news than good and constructive information, to sow fear, and panic to demotivate the masses. Social media is a lot more free than mass media but is dominated by people who are ideologically radicalised. So we have the same poison distributed through a low-intensity but widely distributed system.

Ideologies disrespectful of the other is a cause for concern, it brings the seed of intolerance. Intolerant ideologies sooner or later will embark on the path of death and destruction.

Communism and Religious ideologies have been advancing rapidly in an unprepared world. Now they are meeting great resistance from a new and powerful world majority, growing intolerant of the intolerance.


The classic case of the Iranian Revolution.

In 1961 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was crowned Shah of Iran. By 1975 the Shah began to demonstrate a way of thinking, independent of his greatest supporter, 'America'. The Americans believed it was time for a new regime.

The latent Iranian communists, The Tudeh Party of Iran were financed and supported openly by the USSR and clandestinely by the USA, to engineer a revolution in Iran against the Shah. Their powerful cadre in student unions played a great role.

The Communists succeeded spectacularly in 1978 -79. The communists knew that they had little or no mass appeal. They needed an acceptable face and agency.

So they jumped at the suggestion to bring back Ruhollah Khomeini who was cooling his heels for 14 years in exile in Iraq and then Paris.

Khomeini was protected by the Americans with whom he was in constant communication and being readied just for such an eventuality.

Mostly disconnected from Iran and her people, Khomeini magically, appeared on the scene. Denouncing the provisional government led by Shapour Bakhtiar, to announce the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the ensuing chaos, the Shah fled Iran and all factions pursued their respective agendas.

The army, highly corrupted by the Americans and infiltrated by the communists, sharpened its knives and awaited the moment to leap in and take charge.

The communists were positioning themselves to get onto and drive the Iranian bus.

In the meantime, the Islamists liberated all the prisoners inducting the most hardcore of the men into the newly formed Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). A powerful armed cadre reporting and controlled directly by Khomeini.

Iran at this stage had now become a giant tinderbox.

The Communists, Jihadists and the Capitalists in a classical and not unusual fashion had collaborated to bring down the Shah.

The cunning Jihadists in a secondary coup, using the IRGC rounded up every leading member of the Iranian Communist party, all bureaucrats and officials with the slightest leanings towards the Communists and the Americans were also rounded up and summarily shot.

To keep the Americans at bay and in check, the IRGC engineered the occupation of the American embassy and took a large number of American hostages for 444 days. Given enough time and space the Mullahs consolidated their power and control.

This is the Iran story, but this toxic nexus is not uncommon in other democracies. It is most active in the USA and India. Communists, religious fanatics and Capitalists hate each other but hey! the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Both America and India are soon going to hold elections. The Capitalists, Communists and Jihadists are once again collaborating in overdrive mode with the help of their partners in the media to ensure that they control the strings of power and wealth well into the foreseeable future.

All the individual can do is 'be aware and be proactive'.


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