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Unsolvable? Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Israelis and Palestinian are people, just like everyone else. But they differ because of their religious beliefs.

These beliefs are superficially different, however stemming from the same root (Abraham) they are fundamentally the same.

Unlike Indic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism etc.) which are essentially feminine in nature, Abrahamic religions of (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) are masculine in character.

Indic philosophy more readily promote civilisations whereas Abrahamic religions tend to promote empires.

Aggression is the key and essential trait of masculinity, hence the followers of Abrahamic religions are inherently aggressive, there is great violence within and amongst themselves and also directed towards external enemies. That is why we witness that more Palestinians are killed by Muslims and other Palestinians themselves than by Israelis.

Politically also there is a fundamentally difference.

Israel is a secular democratic state whose population follow different religions. Jews (73%), Muslims (21%), Christians and others (6%). Palestine is divided into two parts, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and are ruled by individual councils of authoritarian regimes populated almost completely by Muslims.

National aims are also quite different.

Palestinians have sworn to destroy Israel the state, but as a short term compromise willing to accept the Jews in Palestine as refugees of Jewish extraction. In the long term they would like to wipe out Judaism.

After millennia of facing persecution the Jews would like to live in peace in a sovereign land restored to them by ancient rights and approved by the modern world community (United Nations). Israel sought peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians but as an independent State that will ensure their security and prosperity.

As a result of differences like these, the possibility of a common ground is elusive as the people oscillate between violence, wars and peace, in an energy rich region. Had the land been just an oasis in a harsh land there would not be that much of a problem but the presence of vast amounts of oil and gas makes the entire region a powder keg of conflict, and religion the constantly burning fuse.

The Palestinians and the Israelis are not independent actors, they are the pawns of powerful players. American led West focusses on the economics and uses religion, whereas the Islamic world of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) focusses on religion using necessary economics.

With each failed round of peace, the moderates in Palestine and Israel diminish in power and influence whilst the power of hardcore radical elements soar. They believe, 'sure there will be death and destruction but that is unfortunate, but these elements in power consider civilian populations as expendable resources which can be replaced over time'.

Israel has the backing of USA and majority of Europe with the extraordinarily powerful and influential Jewish community enmeshed in their economic and political structure. The Palestinians are backed by the members of OIC and now Russia and China.

We are witnessing now the impact of unstoppable forces colliding with immovable walls.

The only way out is to have a big daddy who has the grit, power, resources and integrity to enforce a peace. Daddy used to the United States but it has squandered away its capacity and trust. China wants to be the new daddy but that won't fly.

BRICS has a good chance as we witness first the Russian proposal which was rejected by the UN Security Council and then the Brazilian peace proposal which has been rejected only by the USA.

If OIC countries and America gives peace a chance, it can work. But if they continue to stir the pot the situation will only aggravate and the future for these will remain gloomy, tense and sad.

The Temple Mount

Within this land of Palestine-Israel there is the city of Jerusalem, and in the East is the Temple Mount a holy site for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for thousands of years.

The fight over this site and that of the city is hotly contested by all parties with charges of desecration flying about it has enflamed passions. But discussions on that will have to be reserved for a subsequent article.


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Written and Posted: October 2023 ~ Gurvinder Singh

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