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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

We often ask, why can't they see the obvious.

What is obvious to us, is not necessarily obvious to others.

A man is usually stretched between two women, both who who desire to monopolise him. The mother and the wife. The affection they have for the man is of different types, but yet he must belong to them both. Both women are right but not entirely.

This is because we recognise things, events, relationships and experiences through the window and filter of our mind. We like to believe that we exist in the reality but in fact we exist within a reality. We exist within a reality created by our own mind. It is a reality created by our own minds with us at the very centre of our universe.

Everyone's centre and hence universe and therefore our reality differs. Great communicators seek to step out of their own realities and seek to place themselves in the hearts and minds of the other.

All great souls and minds, have this ability to empathise. They may not agree with our reality, but at least they understand and accommodate the other.

Many families and organisations break up because the members and leaders do not take the effort to inculcate this way of understanding. No great endeavour can be achieved and sustained without this great quality of empathy.

Why this happens will be the subject of another article.


From my seminar on 'Effective Communication & Conversation'

We humans have evolved because of our ability to communicate and collaborate.

Under led and over managed most organisations societies and families are struggling to survive because of their inability to manage this vital ingredient in their relationships.

Technology has helped in many ways in monitoring and controlling but has failed miserably in uniting people and people with purpose.

To facilitate development of these vital skills, Guru Wonder conducts a one and two day program on 'Effective Communication & Conversation' for leaders.

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