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We possess numerous intelligences.

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

We all possess intelligence. But intelligence is not as we have learnt all our lives.

In fact we possess multiple Intelligences and almost all of them can be realised and developed further.

Why do I find that many students who scared well in school examinations fared poorly in real life? While many who scored poorly in school exams excelled in later life in the very fields in which they were declared as failures?

Why are so many people who are both successful and happy also good in various other fields and intelligences also?

This has lead me to think analyse and research on the question of Multiple Intelligences as a key to be a more complete being.

Creative and Emotional Intelligences

  1. Creative Intelligence

  2. Personal Intelligence

  3. Social Intelligence

  4. Spiritual Intelligence

Bodily Intelligences

  1. Physical Intelligence

  2. Sensual Intelligence

  3. Sexual Intelligence

Traditional IQ Intelligences

  1. Numerical Intelligence

  2. Spatial Intelligence

  3. Verbal Intelligence


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