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When Divine light descended on earth.

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Wherever one goes in the world, you will find a special type of people. They are inevitably respected for their integrity, passion and joyful nature. They work hard, live well and love passionately. They are the Sikhs.

Who are the Sikhs and where did they come from?


On the day of Kartik Poornima (the full moon in the month of Kartik) in 1469 a divine light arrived when Guru Nanak ji took his earthly birth in Rai-Bhoi-di Talwandi. The people who imbibe Guru Nanak ji's teachings call themselves Sikhs (meaning students/disciples).

Humanity periodically experiences great grief and unbearable anguish and when we lose our way, there always arrives a beacon of light, a master, a Guru. A Guru who guides and inspires humanity to rise and discover through our inherent noble character to be successful, happy and ultimately to be reunited with the Divine from which we have emerged.

All of humanity is entrapped both by our desires and fears. Over our entire existence umpteen masters and religions have emerged to address this desperate need of humanity for shelter and support.

All faiths usually start off well trying to serve humanity. Because of the immense power religion has over people it attracts people who seek power usually the priests the politicians and the army working collectively..

The older a religion, the greater is the probability of it being distorted and abused by those who claim to serve religion and humanity.

Sikhism is the most modern, uncomplicated and relevant faith in the world today. The teachings of Guru Nanak ji are easy to understand and hence follow, as it is in the spoken language, free of rituals and does not need middlemen. All it requires, is for us to be naturally loving and to be true.

Guru Nanak ji's taught and these teachings became the 3 pillars of Sikhism

'Kirat Karo'

Fulfil your duties. Make an honest living. For if you do not earn how will you provide for those you are responsible for. This is why the Sikhs are extremely hard working and have a very good work ethic.

'Vand Chakko'

Share what you earn with others, who are in need. This is why the Sikhs are so helpful and charitable.

'Nam Jappo'

Remember and joyfully sing God's praise. This is why Sikhs are usually alway happy even in adversity.

To spread his message across a world torn by strife and misery, bigotry, exploitation etc. Guru Nanak ji accompanied by his disciples Mardana a Muslim and Bala a Hindu, travelled from Panjab more than 30,000 kms all across India and beyond.

Travelling mostly by foot, Guru Nanak ji spread his message of universal brotherhood and the way to join with the Divine, to a world thirsty for meaning and love.

Guru Nanak ji, said,

"Paths may be many, but the destination is the same."

"There is only One, and the name is Truth."

Over decades and many trips Guru ji undertook what are known as the Udasis journeying North deep into Tibet and South reaching Sri Lanka, then up to Myanmar in the East and Saudi Arabia in the West. Everywhere Guru Nanak ji went he held discourses and sang hymns in praise of the one indescribable, omnipresent power experienced in a million ways but never understood, bringing the individual souls and the Divine soul together.

Often threatened and attacked by priests, politicians, corrupt and evil people for spreading the message of truth and love, yet no force or being was able to harm Guru ji and his associates.

Sikhism is relevant even more today for it teaches,

  • Not only tolerance but respect and universal brotherhood. All are accepted and welcome without any preconditions or compulsions.

  • Breaks all forms of class barriers ignoring sex, colour, religion, caste, rank or wealth.

  • The "Langar" or the community kitchen where kings and the poorest break bread together

  • Feed, protect and care for the poor, the hungry and the unfortunate.

  • Promotes environmentalism. For to love and respect creation is to love The Creator.

  • To honour and respect women as equals and give them same rights and privileges as men.

Sat Sri Akal

Meaning: The only truth is the one who is beyond time (God), all else is transcendental and temporary.

I send you all salutations, greetings and congratulations as we celebrate the anniversary of the Jagat (Universal) Guru's coming.


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Ref: G0727

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