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Who is an idiot?

Updated: Mar 30

Politics is how groups make decisions and take action. Politics exists in every aspect of our family, social, professional and religious lives. Politics is in play even if we have just two beings coexisting.

It is said that all is 'fair in war', and politics is a kind of warfare. Politics like all warfare demands discipline, hard work, great cunning and extreme ruthlessness.

Politicians are scorned, reviled and also feared. Disliked and even hated by many, yet they are a vital and bitter necessity in human social existence.

If we are going to be impacted by politics, it is better to face and participate in it rather than have it catch us unawares and possibly harm us.

Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you. ” said the Athenian General and Politician, Pericles (495 – 429 BC).

Even though politics plays a great role in our lives most people distance themselves from politics and politicians. Politics often attracts unsavoury characters. By simply wishing them away we will achieve little and only encourage more of the wrong type of people to jump in.

Most people merely exist. They have no idea what they want or where they wish to go and are content to just act as instructed by someone willing to lead them.

This is why despite its many shortcomings dictatorial leaders and ideologies thrive. However, in civilisations, people want an increased say in how they coexist and are governed. Thus Western democracy was born in Greece about 2,500 years ago.

The Greeks took their democracy very seriously and encouraged the population to participate in public affairs. They coined the word 'Idiot' to ridicule people who did not take any interest nor participate in politics and public affairs.

If governance, law and order etc. feel unsatisfactory, then what can the ordinary citizen do? Blaming, serves no purpose, except to foster good feelings of 'holier than thou' about ourselves whilst concealing our impotence. To blame is to wash our hands off for the turn of events and to shun any responsibility for taking corrective action. Hence the term 'idiot'.

In a democracy, the citizen has only one right to make a change, and that is to vote for who should govern over them. If we forgo even this right, then do we deserve our freedom?

Politics is nasty business.

A politician views every being and organisation either as a tool to be exploited or a potential enemy that must be kept in check.

Elections are just around the corner. Cast your vote. On an ongoing basis participate in public affairs and get your family, friends and associates to make their opinion count.

The world will be a bad place if unsuitable people become our leaders. The situation will be much worse if idiots are in the majority and do nothing.

Only if we participate can we influence our future and those of our children. If we choose to be idiots, then no longer can our lives be shaped by us, rather they will be decided by others for us.


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