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Why are we not happy?

Updated: May 2, 2019

'Why is there so much disharmony in our lives?

Our Three faces

Harmony is being in tune. Yet in life wherever we look there seems to be so much that we are out of tune with.

The good news is that one can find harmony.

To explain.

Each individual one of us, is nothing more than an energy being, who is just a tiny part of this massive pulsating all pervasive energy called the Universe.

The Universe, which is experienced by us we also call God Nature, Creation, Existence, etc.

One may have noticed that when two or more energies of sound (notes) emerge together but do not match, they create turbulence resulting not in music, but in noise and disharmony.

Similarly when our own energies do not align with that of the Universe it too creates disharmony.

These are not the only energies at play. There is also Society. Society is comprised of other people and things in our world.

Being a collection of individual energies Society itself is a vast and highly turbulent energy stream.

Being social creatures we discover that we humans feel compelled to align our energies with Society.

While our own energy and that of the Universe do not change in nature, that of society changes rapidly and is in constant flux.

The urgency and importance we give to aligning with Society over our own need to align with Nature also produces disharmony.

Harmony will come only by aligning the three facets of our existence, the individual, Society and the Universe /Nature.

We can start by answering three fundamental questions.

1. Who am I?

2. Who do I believe I am?

3. What I want to show the world as to who and what am I?

If we wish to live in harmony and be happy, then these three faces of our existence need to be aligned. The greater the alignment, richer and happier will be our lives.

How to achieve this is the subject of further series of articles and also in my proposed book on the subject, 'Finding Success and Happiness'


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