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Wonder breaks the shackles of Ideology

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

We are captives of our knowledge. In reality, we do not 'know', we are simply trained and programmed by others to 'know'. Who are these 'others'?

These are agencies that pursue some form of ideology, political, religious, economic, social etc.

Even though our knowledge is obtained second-hand from others, our arrogance and ignorance inhibit us from seeking true knowledge. Only those who wonder and question may be able to find true knowledge. Permit me to elaborate.

Wonder prods us to seek answers. The journey begins with available information and thinking.

Starting with 'facts' or perceived realities and propelled by thinking framed by prevalent ideologies.

Take for example, 'facts'.

Since centuries earlier and even now, some folks believe, in spite of evidence to the contrary that,

  • Our Earth is flat.

  • The World was created by God in 6 days, about 6,400 years ago.

  • The Earth is the centre of the Universe with the sun and the stars revolving around the Earth.

Thus all scientific enquiry be it metallurgy, geography, astronomy, medicine, etc. locked in by ideology began with faulty assumptions. The science that developed was terrible. That is why this phase of Europe, the Middle East, was known as the 'Dark Ages'. There was a 'known world' but it was an erroneous understanding of the world.

Ideology is just a diktat, issued by some entity or system.

Please refer to my article of Nov 2020 'What is Truth?' for a detailed explanation.

Almost all ideology until recent times was based on religion.

Other ideologies are a form of religion disguised as self-evident truths. Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Racism, Feminism, Wokeism, Globalism, Capitalism, etc. are all ideologies.

Offered as a panacea, first organised religions trapped us, and now ideologies restrict and control us.

If one begins his or her philosophical journey based on an ideology, we inevitably arrive at a dead end with greater problems.

Amazingly, faulty science and toxic ideologies are still highly prevalent.

A person who wonders, and if be an honest thinker, philosopher or scientist returns to basics and begins seeking answers again and again. Choosing another 'science' or framework seeks until he or she succeeds or one day, or eventually exhausted, simply gives up and either embraces or copes.

Young children can acquire experience through imitation and exploration. Lessons from experiential learning last a lifetime. This is very valuable first-hand knowledge.

However, in most societies, the education and social system is designed to brainwash the young. Fed a diet of ideologies, the young are kept cocooned until ready for release into society. Devoid of 'real' life experiences they acquire second-hand knowledge which tends to destroy wonder and erodes the pursuit of learning.

Wonder is what drives our quest to seek answers. It is wonder what differentiates the emotional analytical human being, from other lesser developed creatures.

Acquisition of knowledge makes us feel we have discovered the 'truth' whereas we have only formed a perception.

Truth acquired second-hand is no truth at all because it is a borrowed truth and tends to make us hollow yet arrogant. We have to acquire our truth.

First-hand truth humbles us, because it reveals the vastness of our ignorance, and therefore fills our being with even greater wonder. This leads us to further awakening and learning.

Therefore it is essential to question the answers we have and to constantly learn, un-learn and re-learn. Knowledge is learning something new every day whilst wisdom is unlearning something every day.

Lifelong learning both by studying and experiencing is essential. Just like two feet, they work together. Which comes first and which comes later is actually immaterial. The important thing is to keep on treading.

Keep on wondering, keep on wandering. Thus keep on evolving.


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