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About Guru Wonder

Experience is not what happens to us, but what we learn and do with what happens to us. Experiences are gifts of existence. If we reflect and contemplate on our experiences and learn there is a good possibility for us to awaken and progress materially, intellectually and spiritually.

Guru Wonder is not an individual but a compilation of philosophies, thoughts, and experiences resulting in a positive state of being. It is the blend of wisdom of the universe available to individuals that helps them to Succeed, Awaken, Evolve & Transcend.

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Gurvinder Singh
The Mentor

Only static things can be defined. To define oneself is to assume that the person is static.  

Gurvinder Singh has travelled widely, worked intensely across several disciplines and fields both professionally and socially.  He interacted closely with leaders in many fields of society, the middle and working class with homemakers and students. 


Being at the helm of affairs confers more opportunity to undertake and adopt daring and unconventional ideas and practices. This has resulted mostly in good successes and some failures. The material rises and falls during his life have enriched him with numerous philosophical and spiritual lessons. This has given rise to a special capacity and capability to understand the workings, the strength and weaknesses of individuals & groups.

This learning and awakening he shares by interacting with others to facilitate his own journey by enriching and facilitating meaning in the lives of others.

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The Individual
You are within the universe and the univ
Our Space
The Universe

You are an individual who wishes to enhance the quality and meaning of his or her life while achieving success.

It is natural to seek to expand our material world and discover our this potential. Awaken to the realisation that each individual is unique and capable of achieving extraordinary material success and intellectual development.  Discover that spiritually, everyone is born divine. We only have to discover our divinity.

Once awoken, our rise and success is inevitable. With the rising we will evolve across a wide range of parameters to discover ourselves & enrich our life. Finally we should be able to transcend the physical & material, the mind & the intellect to become pure energy.

Come, join me on this Guru Wonder journey.

We come alone into this world. We then join with others in our universe in numerous ways, continuously establishing and breaking bonds. Finally we will leave this world alone.

During all this time, 'We are the universe and the universe is within each one of us'.

With Guru Wonder its possible to awaken and realise our true potential. Be the complete individual and yet be in harmony with our world and universe. 

Our awakening will lead not only to our success but to that of our world, because contentment, compassion, respect, forbearance and friendship become the pillars of our character. Fear and negativity will be replaced by fearlessness and optimism. There will be calm and joy in our life even while tackling adversity.

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