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The workshops are designed and structured to facilitate learning and discovery during and beyond the duration of the seminar. 

To compel the attendee to ponder and discover their own journey and that of their team and to travel on that journey with confidence and achieve a high probability of success.

To successfully achieve what they desire.

Workshops offered

Achieving Success - Guru Wonder A01.jpg
Achieving Success

Hardly anyone teaches, how to succeed. Learning from experience while interesting can also be extremely expensive.

Achieving Success is not magic. Its an attitude, an approach and a discipline that can be  developed.

Seminar is suitable for individuals, teams and organisations.

Duration:  One day program 

Becoming World Class A01.jpg
Becoming World Class

In a competitive world there is viable space and success only if one is the amongst the best. Quality, reliability, price competitiveness, value proposition and prompt delivery are not options but are preconditions for becoming world class.  The seminar focusses on developing and deploying an effective strategy to becoming world class.

Duration:  Two day program 

Managing for growth in the family owned business
Transiting from family to professional m

Managing growth is always a challenge particularly in the family business. 

Not only are 78% of businesses in the world family owned they are also family managed. This is a great strength particularly in the startup and first generation phase. By the second and third generation the business usually comes under stress and in trouble. 

Business and family are intertwined but they are different and have to be treated accordingly.

The seminar is designed to assist families to transit successfully and effectively from family owned and family  managed organisations to family owned and professionally managed organisations while enhancing continuously profitability and overall performance .

Duration:  Two day program   

Coping with failure & bouncing back.jpg
Coping with Failure & Bouncing Back

Great Success comes from the ability to cope with  failures and the ability to bounce back from failure. 

Based on  real life experiences the participants will learn fundamentals and about approaches to bounce back.

The program will also involve scenario role play to enhance the learning experience.

Duration:  One day program   

Getting the best from your people - Guru
Getting the best from your people.  (The secret of winners)

The secret of winning organisations is the development of the quality of their people, by adoption of the right approach. 

The secret is the ability to get extraordinary results from ordinary people performing as individuals, teams and as an organisation. 

Duration:  One day program   

Stress vs performance - background 19041
Understanding and Coping with Stress  

Stress has emerged globally as the leading cause of human incapacity and death.

Stress is not always bad, once can learn to understand, cope with and conquer stress.

With understanding one can convert ​the latent energy of stress from destructive outcomes to an enriched constructive and productive life. To achieve goals, yet to be calm and balanced.


Duration:  One day program   

Harnessing the power of the family owned business
Harnessing the power of the family busin

Family owned and managed businesses offer society the best combination of  economic and social progress.

78% of businesses in the world are family owned and managed.  Some are micro and small businesses and some are giant transnational corporations. Many things are common and some different but the fundamental principles remain the same. 

The potential to build and successfully build a family business is immense. Yet there is too little focus and experience sharing to help family businesses to not only survive but to grow into engines of success and prosperity.

The seminar focusses on assisting participants to identify and leverage their strengths and to successfully cope with and overcome challenges unique to family businesses. 

Duration:  Two day program   

Effective Communication & Conversation
Effective Communication & Conversation -

Communication is necessary or any social and business activity. Effective communication is essential. The right approach can determine success or failure. 

In the age of technology the art of conversation is being lost. We need not less but more conversation and skills to be effective and enrich our lives. 

The seminar focusses on assisting participants to understand and leverage their strengths and to successfully become effective and possibly powerful communicators and interesting conversationalists

Duration:  Half day and  One  day programs.   

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