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The Guru Wonder Approach

These are a compilation of articles following a theme. Here topics and subjects are dealt with in greater detail. Unlike the posted articles they also provide insights of select readers and their relevant experiences.

The canvas of the variety of themes covered is vast.  It has to be vast for existence is not a single theme but both multifaceted and multidimensional.

To traverse through the four stages, to Succeed, Awaken, Evolve and Transcend, one has to first, to understand, to do, to love, to hate, to laugh, to cry, to succeed and to fail. Therefore the areas covered include, philosophy, spirituality, education, family, work, health, well being, management, social practice, politics, war, conflict, love, humour, history, art, music, literature, environment, safety, pursuit of prosperity.


At first we will focus on material and social progress, friends, family, work. To indulge oneself in 'Maya', the mirage of life and what seems to be happiness. In this stage Guru Wonder helps you to experience life and succeed. Here worldly matters are of great importance. The life has to be experienced before it can be transcended. 

A hungry, unhealthy, uncomfortable, desperate individual has little or no energy nor capacity to rise intellectually or spiritually.  Individuals must taste life. They should experience personal and professional success and failure. They must be encouraged to pursue, to know and experience both the power and limitations of money, wealth, status and influence. To finally awaken to that reality that by themselves these things are of little or no consequence and provide no meaning to one's life.

Sunrise over the valley ncsex.jpg

We are asleep, either we are on some sort of intoxication. Be it beauty and youth, or power and influence, knowledge and arrogance etc. or we are living in a nightmare. A nightmare where we are hounded, pounded, exploited and abused. Either way we are in an unconscious state, at best knowing what we are rather than who we are. 

Guru Wonder seeks to awaken the individual to let them recognise that if they remain asleep, then this will be their fate, but if they become aware of who they are, they can irreversibly change their life for the better.

Pattern me1d.jpg

After the arising and awakening Guru Wonder will guide you to the third stage, that of  of evolution. Here it is the flowering of the individual. Such flowering is visible and experienced in a way that defies convention. The individual is Happy yet successful, action oriented yet relaxed, adventurous yet not foolish, both broad and deep in intelligence, emotion, and spirituality . The individual does not try think or behave in a particular way. You just are.

You are in harmony with others in your family, colleagues, society and all of creation  An individual who does not need to behave in an externally imposed manner. Such a unique being is loving in nature, who possesses respect for not only other persons but all beings.  

Hence genuine empathy  understanding compassion, friendliness, contentment, tolerance

We realise the futility of our efforts and approach. The insignificance of everything.

The new man or woman is born. One who is a friend to all creatures, has capacity to tolerate, is compassionate,  tolerance. Such an evolved person becomes confident, fearless content and living in harmony with existence.


This is the ultimate stage, when we are released from wants, desires, pain, joy.

We simply are.

I am on the path but very far from being ready. One day this will come to pass, not by effort but by total immersion and surrender to existence to merge back within from where we have arisen.

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