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As we seek to rise materially, we make too many compromises and neglect important matters and people in our lives. Be it success or failure, the quest for wealth, power, fame, etc. takes us away from ourselves, in a sense we feel lost. This is because our focus on work, possessions, career, and relationships almost always fails to provide adequate meaning to our lives. 

In a sense not only are we unconscious about ourselves, we seem to be living in a nightmare.

Rather than living in fear of hundreds of little things, we can awaken to our true potential as a body, as a mind and as a soul.

The trigger for awakening can come from anywhere, and the person who reflects and contemplates can seize that opportunity when it comes.  Usually great success or failure or the arrival of a Guru in one's life can be that trigger.

What can we learn from our children_.jpg
What can we learn from our Children

The innocence of children allows them to be unadulterated. Their words and actions force the truth to leap out. Personal experiences provide many lessons and enrich our lives.

Publishing Date:  Planned for 2019        Price:  Free          Availability:   For reading on website             

Reflections - Guru Wonder.jpg
Reflections of a Seeker

Our spiritual quest is a journey within our own being. We travel the world, and achieve so little harmony, peace of mind,  or even success. To reflect is to arrive at the entrance of the doorway of our spiritual journey. A collection of personal experiences that help in the spiritual journey.

Publishing Date:  Planned for 2019        Price:  Free          Availability:   For reading on website             

The mystery within - Guru Wonder.jpg
The Mystery Within

Within ourselves our inner being is a wonderland. Amazing, exquisite, a nightmarish and heavenly all mixed up in one. To seek to unscramble our minds and to find clarity for the journey ahead.

Publishing Date:  Planned for 2019        Price:  Free          Availability:   For reading on website             

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