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Engagement with Guru Wonder

Gurvinder Singh possesses rich experience and wide expertise. He is available for Consulting, Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching  for individuals as well as organisations.  

                                                             Contact : Email                                    Phone:  +91 957 951 0393

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Consult Gurvinder Singh

Consultation can be in person, telephone, Skype  etc. with prior appointment . 

Venue for in-person consulting can take place in any part of India, though Pune city is preferred. 


Consultation available for both personal and professional interests.

Personal issues include

  • Relationships

  • De-Stressing 

  • Achieving success

  • The search for happiness and harmony in life.

  • Spiritual growth. 

Professional challenges include

  • Transforming organisations from family managed businesses to professionally managed organisations.

  • Dispute resolution

  • To assist organisations  evolve into World Class organisations

  • Strategy & action for enhancing the capacity and capabilities of people resources.

  • Business and management strategy formulation and deployment.

  • Growth and Crisis issues

  • Profitability, quality, productivity, effectiveness and overall enhancement initiatives

  • Crisis and turnaround management

  • Career growth

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Seminars, Speaking & Teaching Engagements

Two types of engagements are offered.

  1. Generic and Standardised engagement covering both personal and also business /management  related matters. (Click here for more information)

  2. Specific engagement to address specific client needs

The format is Gurvinder Singh  addresses and dialogues with an audience consisting of leaders, team members, and associates on wide range of subjects. These include, management, leadership, success, family, happiness, life, spirituality,  and  the evolution of the individual and organisation.

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Mentoring and Coaching

People generally know too little about themselves.  Even though they possess passion and nurture hopes they are unable to realise their personal and professional aspirations.

Every individual and particularly leaders need a mentor and a coach, who functioning as a catalyst assists in the realisation of their goals.


A mentor functions as a trusted advisor, usually adding to the perspective  and wisdom of the person being mentored. 

A coach works to assist the client acquire knowledge, build skills, and leverage talent. A coach assists in strategising, goal setting,  planning, guides deployment and participates in reviews.

Gurvinder Singh being an engineer by education and industrialist by experience can best assist industry,  international business, education, training, NGOs and community organisations.  

A particular strength is providing counselling on conflict resolution and often to cope with discord, between family or team members.

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