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Business Incubation

All material wealth is created by human endeavour. At the centre of that wealth creation is the entrepreneur.


An Entrepreneur is someone who converts Knowledge into wealth.

Being an entrepreneur has always been challenging and the early stages of starting any venture are particularly difficult.

Good news is that, increasingly the world of finance, science, technology, communications are creating  fertile environments with a support system making it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed.

Guru Wonder sees this as an area where it can help to create a more successful and happier  humanity and a more harmonious world.

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Important concepts and basic terms

Science  is the conversion of wealth into knowledge. 

Creativity is coming up with ideas. 

Invention is the creation of a new concept.

Innovation is the conversion of knowledge into wealth.

To innovate means to make changes in anything established and introduce something new.
Innovation is about creating value and increasing efficiency, and therefore growing a business. It is a spark that keeps organizations and people moving ever onward and upward.


Without innovation, new products, new services, and new business models would never emerge.

Innovation is the bringing of ideas to life, converting a concept to practice, and making it a commercial success. 

To spur inventions, for creativity to flower  and to nurture innovation and science to progress a particular type of environment is necessary. 

In the early and infant stage a venture has to be incubated, and that brings in the crucial importance of Business incubators.

Business incubation is a well managed  entrepreneurial space/facility  designed to nurture business ideas and start-up companies and through a comprehensive business support programme, help them establish and accelerate their growth and success.

The business incubator is a physical space which provides 

  • Mentoring

  • Structured business support facilities and management systems

  • Access to risk capital.

If you are an inventor, have creative and innovative ideas, have little or no capital but are willing to work hard and smart, then this is possibly the best time to launch your own venture with the help of some investors.

If you want to proceed further and engage with someone to assist you, please email your idea in approximately 350 words along with your CV to Guru Wonder and someone from our team will respond to you. 

If we believe there is a possibility that your idea has some future, we will put you in touch with 'idea stage' investors.  The idea and early stage investor will finance, incubate and mentor you if they come on board.  

This a social project and no fees are required to be paid to Guru Wonder.

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