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Preaching and lecturing rarely facilitate understanding and learning. The art of teaching is the art of facilitating self discovery. The key is communication between people and the art of communication is the art of story telling.

Most of the articles are writings and about 650 articles have been written till date. There are also a few videos and podcasts available.


Featuring  ideas, thoughts, concepts coupled with numerous and relevant experiences Guru Wonder  articles and publications are written and produced in a concise, easy reading/ viewing style. They are presented to provoke, inform, and educate the reader/viewer/listener. 

The goal is the release of the energy and potential latent within an individual, thus creating  impact and fuelling success in a meaningful way.  The four stages being to arise, awakenevolve and transcend.

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Intellectual and Spiritual Provocation

Provocation stimulus frequently inevitably comes from the outside but we change internally. The sources could be stories, ideas, philosophies, poetry, an audio or video clip, etc. drawn from travels, and experiences of others and one oneself.

Guru Wonder does not seek to lecture or preach but merely share thoughts in a manner that challenges notions and practices in a respectful manner without being offensive.

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Learning is the most exciting and lifelong natural desire of humans. However most religious, social and education practices have achieved the opposite result. They tend to suppress rather than allow the spirit and the intelligence to bloom.

Guru Wonder articles provide learning stimulus based on original experiences and unique wisdom of the mentor and others in areas, and topics generally of interest but access and availability is uncommon.

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There is so much happening and everything seems to contradict everything else. There is a great desire to make greater sense of life. But who should one trust? Only oneself.

The information and analysis and theories are expressed so as to assist you in being best able to decide for yourself.

There is so much wonder, beauty and magnificence in existence which can enrich our lives. There are two sides to the coin, Guru Wonder writings are more towards positivity rather than negativity. Thus to inform about many aspects of life prosperity, ideas, trends, health, love, wellness, etc. which clearly demonstrates that we humans are basically good and want to do good if given the opportunity. The result is a greater individual, and a better, more peaceful and joyful world.

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