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Evolving Stage of Life

What happens in this stage? : 

We begin to act on the deep questions that arise within us. Act on guidance, try different paths and approaches.


  • Usually turn to organised religion or some ‘ism.

  • Discard old and seek to establish new relationships

  • Taste some meaning in the quest for happiness. 

  • Personality undergoes dramatic changes

  • Discover oneself and hence become more open and honest with oneself and the universe


Look how messy -Leif Podhajsky face.jpg

Time spent in solitude. Actively evaluating ​and pursuing paths.

To seek evolution is the ultimate effort of Man.


Guru Wonder articles, publications, retreats and interactions facilitate contemplation and evolution. Wisdom and experiences of mentor facilitate this phase of contemplation.

Unlearn & Discard

where is my mind - f9yo1.png

The process of evolution is the process of unlearning and discarding all that is superfluous to one's existence.

This includes relationships, knowledge, cravings, etc.

At this stage is focussed on needs and not wants, for wants are infinite and needs limited.


Time Traveller II  by xela222 - Alex Lon

Meditation is the journey within oneself to realise 'who am I?'


To understand one's purpose of existence and to realise the possibility to connect with the divine. 

That divine which pervades all existence and with which we can  become one. The merging of the individual being back into existence just like the merging of the drop back into the ocean from which it emerged.

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