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To be content is to be rich, and to be in want is to be poor.  When we are in want, our minds do not permit us to entertain any thought, idea, change, or growth that leads to our inner awakening


The first step is for Guru Wonder to work with individuals to help them rise in the material world. To achieve success in satisfying their wants. 

To do this Guru Wonder seeks to share experiences and stimulate the individual, on wide range of topics. These include social, philosophical,  educational, managerial, technological, historical, political perspectives.  The further we travel on this path, the greater will be our material rise. 

To traverse through the four stages, to Succeed, Awaken, Evolve and Transcend, one has to first, to understand, to do, to love, to hate, to laugh, to cry, to succeed and to fail. Therefore the areas covered include, philosophy, spirituality, education, family, work, health, well being, management, social practice, politics, war, conflict, love, humour, history, art, music, literature, environment, safety, pursuit of prosperity.

There are three components of the succeeding stage, Living, Working and Playing


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Our well being stems from our family, relationships, lifestyle, diet, environment, health, rest etc.

To live properly is to live right. Guru Wonder articles, publications and interactions are meant to share wisdom and experiences of mentor and others to help us live better.


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Some form of effort and work is necessary for us to sustain ourselves and our dependants. To acquire resources to meet our needs with dignity.

Work need not be a chore, rather it can be a passion and worship. Way of working has to be enjoyable, humane, respectful, meaningful and productive.


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One can learn more about an individual in hour of play than in years of conversation.

Within each individual exists a child, who wants to play & learn not by lectures but by experience. This social, psychological, physical and technical evolution is essential to the well being and happiness of each individual. Not all play is physical though its important. 


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