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Arise, Awaken, Evolve and Transcend.

Audacity of awakening

Blogs & Publications

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Preaching and lecturing rarely facilitates understanding and learning. 

The art of communication is the art of story telling.

Featuring  ideas, thoughts, concepts coupled with

experiences Guru Wonder  articles and publications are relevant and written to be shared in a concise, easy reading and viewing style.


They are generally presented to provoke, inform, and educate the reader/listener. 

The goal is the release of the energy and potential latent within an individual, thus creating  impact and fuelling success in a meaningful way.


The four stages being to Arise, Awaken, Evolve and Transcend.


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Sometimes people seek a dialogue and greater engagement. Gurvinder Singh is now available for consultation, mentoring,  counselling, speaking and learning engagements with individuals, organisations, students, and families.

There are little or no engagement fees for those who genuinely need it but cannot afford to pay. 


About Guru Wonder

Experience is not what happens to us, but what we learn and do with what has happens to us. Experiences are gifts of existence. If we reflect and contemplate on our experiences and learning there is a good possibility for us to awaken and progress materially, intellectually and spiritually.

Guru Wonder is not an individual but a compilation of philosophies, thoughts, and experiences resulting in a positive state of being. It is the blend of wisdom of the universe available to individuals and groups that helps them to arise, awaken, evolve and transcend


Guru Wonder

Pune. India



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