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Imagine the soul to be a swan.

This swan wishes to soar, but cannot, because it is held down, shackled by chains.

The chains of ego, anger, greed, lust and attachments.

Power is not bad neither is wealth, nor love and emotions, they are all integral parts of our lives. even essential to our existence. The problem occurs with attachment, we believe that the position is for ever as will be our wealth, strength, beauty, youth, etc. and all the peopled things in our life. They are not permanent, in reality nothing is permanent not even our own body and mind.

The day we acknowledge and accept that nothing is permanent the chains will fall away and the worldly shackles that hold the soul to our physical, material, mental world released, then the soul swan will soar to the skies.

The bliss is not in the sky but within. The swan is metaphorical. The soaring is of the spirit.


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Ref: G0764

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