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Capitalism or Socialism, exploitation is certain.


The inherent vice of Capitalism is the unequal sharing of BENEFITS

The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of MISERIES.

The terms Capitalism, Communism and Socialism are used frequently by the elites and the media. Yet the average person has only a vague idea what exactly they mean.

Majority of Capital (assets that can be used to enhance economic power) was, is, and will always be controlled by a small minority of people in every society.

Called Capitalists this group always decide how the country and economy will run.

Capitalists belong to no country, society, religion or ism. At heart they all have only one God called 'Wealth and Power' and one religion called 'Profit & Privilege'.

For the sake of enhancing their power and wealth capitalists indulge in anything and everything if they can get away with it nothing is taboo.

Unrestrained capitalism has led to wars, invasions, holocausts slavery, colonisation etc. They just need a fig leaf of a justification to cover their real intentions of acquisition of wealth, power and influence. The most often used excuses have always been Caste, Race and Religious superiority.

Rebelling against Capitalism, Communism became a great force after the Russian communist revolution a century ago. Communism came into its own after World War I. Until then there existed mainly capitalism under different cloaks and names.

In principle Communism and its child Socialism, based on the theories put forward by Karl Marx and his associates represent a beautiful concept. Envisaging universal brotherhood based on the highest of human traits and harmonious community living. A total solution with ideals deemed so great that everything and everyone must submit to it.

Society will not change voluntary and hence a revolution is needed in Communist philosophy. So a small group of Communists come together, provoke and force the masses to revolt against the establishment, and pave the way for the Communist Party to seize power.

Communists have realised that the needs of the masses are basic and they do not aspire to all the complicated and unnecessary things the Communists espouse. So Communists by force terrify the masses and make them obey the Communist party.

Communism, ensures that all political and economic power is in the hands of the State, which is controlled by the Communist party which is in turn controlled by a small group of elites. Without achieving any economic success nor deploying their their own capital anyone with cunning, ruthlessness and clever politics can succeed and rise within the Communist party.

Communists have understood that, though people want shared prosperity of the community and state, humans are inherently selfish and given a choice will pursue their own political, economic, religious and social interests over those of the community.

Elite Communists and Socialists are also Capitalistic but differ because the elites who are in the upper echelons of power and the Politburo use the Communist party to enrich themselves indirectly. (The official net worth of the average member of parliament of the Chinese Communist party exceeds US$ 330 million)

All totalitarian ideologies are by necessity tyrannical. For Communists to remain in total and absolute power they have to use force to destroy the idea of the self and all aspects that nurture this individuality.

So the individual is reduced to an insignificant cog within the Communist machinery, where he or she has no choice and no affiliation to any family, group or religion and the Communist State is for all purposes their everything.

Any ideology that abuses or seeks to crush human individuality and spirit, requires ever more constantly increasing surveillance, repressive force and brutality, to control the masses and keep they on a leash. This also requires increasing resources as a share of national income. This unsustainable approach helps explain why Communist governments have been collapsing. I dare say its only a matter of China that the Communist rule of China is also due for collapse.

Socialism is nothing but the fist of Communism covered in a velvet glove.

Socialism brings about revolution and compliance to their cause by destroying the will and spirit of members of society. Socialists use 'Ideological Subversion' to manipulate and control the minds, and hearts of the people. Socialists now control all channels of mass media and all education so that one the people will willingly and happily walk into the trap of their own bondage.

While its stated goals are very noble, Communism and Socialism believe that humans are basically weak, bad, incompetent and inefficient.

This is why Communists and Socialists are usually called 'Leftists'

always use force, tyranny and violence to ensure total implementation of the agenda of the Left party, and its leaders.

Leftists monopolise violence meaning they alone have the right to be violent using the armed cadre of the party along with an efficient law and order machinery to control the masses and ensure obedience to the Communist party. They also retain absolute control over the Armed Forces so that they never revolt nor support others.

This is why the armed forces of China (PLA) pledge allegiance not to the Chinese country but to the Chinese Communist party.

Other than a small group of elites who consider themselves above all others, in Socialism all will be miserable and poor but equal.

All material human progress has been due to self interest. Those who struggle, those who take risks benefit more than the vast majority. To grudge them the fruit of their labour is unfair. This capitalism recognises and implements openly.

Capitalism also has an ugly side. Its openly exploitive, cunning and completely heartless. Material benefits will come but the soul will most likely be lost.

Socialism or Capitalism both exploit individuals. Socialists do it wearing a velvet glove and the latter with an open hand.

Its natural for the few to exploit the majority, whether it be Socialism or Capitalism.

In case of Capitalism they let you feel that you chose, in Socialism they choose for you. Either way the majority will be manipulated and exploited.

Unfortunately, Socialism is the product of bad Capitalism and Capitalism is the result of bad Socialism.



There is a possible third way which I call 'Bhartiya or Indic Socialism'. Here all stakeholders are consulted and their support enlisted. In this approach Capitalists share the benefits in some proportional and fairly equitable manner with all stakeholders.

That is the subject of another article.


From my forthcoming untitled book on 'Socialism' Contact : Telephone:  +91 957 951 0353 Email: Guru Wonder

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