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Difference between Politicians and Statesmen?

“The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman thinks about the next generation.”

~ James Freeman Clarke

There are no shortages of politicians, but there is a drought of statesmen.

Politicians are like a diet full of calories with almost no nutrition. Statesmen are like vegetables. Many people don't like them, but they're good for you. Politicians are like too much sugar and fast foods. Yummy, 'I'll worry about health problems later.'

What exactly does a Statesman do that a politician can't do?

A politician debates the cost of a plan.

The statesmen question the wisdom of the plan.

A politician tells his constituents what he did for them.

A statesman lets his work and results speak for themselves.

A politician follows the crowd while trying hard to maintain the image of leadership. He is loyal only to himself and his cronies and political patrons. They try to manipulate the people while following the crowds.

A statesman leads the people where they ought to be. Living by ideals and standing on principles, even if they have to stand alone.

Statesmen earn votes.

Politicians buy votes, offering all sorts of bribes and indulging themselves in "That most delicious of all privileges -- spending other people's money."

People get the government that they deserve.

~ Euripides (Greek playwright)


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