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It is not what it seems like

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We now live in a society of organisations and institutions. Local, district, state, national and at international level. Each one of them managed by 'professionals' (bureaucrats) following complicated processes which no one can completely understand or implement. They are all political creatures, and therefore possess all of the negatives of politics.

We humans and even nations believe that things will just happen by themselves, but they never do. The cunning amongst us know this all too well and take full advantage.

In recent times the Chinese Communist Party has quietly and cunningly infiltrated every multilateral international organisation of consequence, across the world numerous politicians and their parties, governments, educational institutions, social platforms, gaming,  sports organisations, and finally media and film production. They do not serve the cause or the objectives of these organisations were created for but are servants of the CCP and its party members.

Learning from Plato, One could summarise 'The greatest penalty for refusing to actively participate in the governing and functioning of organisations that affect us is, we land up with the most ignoble, corrupt, and incompetent individuals and groups leading and governing us and our humanity. All this because of their great cunning and our intellectual and physical laziness.

The Coronavirus - CCP virus pandemic is proof of that.


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