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Fear is a State of Mind

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Nothing exhausts an individual more than negative thoughts.


All creatures are born with a natural instinct to survive.

To survive not only by being able to sense, and find food and water, but also to survive by sensing danger and hence manage conflict. For the latter there are fundamentally two approaches, for the creature either 'to fight' or 'take flight'.

To sense and face imminent danger, nature has provided us with a sense of fear. So far so good, but what if the danger is a lie, imaginary, or exaggerated? This is the condition that the over active human mind is highly susceptible to.

In face of danger animals can and do respond, but an excessive sense of fear leads to paralysis and even collapse. What do you think happens to humans who live in fear?

That is why the leading cause of death across the world is fear related, expressed as anxiety, stress, depression, rage, promiscuity, various addiction and unstable social relationships.

While animals live and respond in real time, meaning in the present, we humans live in the past and in the future. We are burdened by the past and anxious about the future.

The more negativity our minds are fed by various sources, the more negative and fearful we become. Fear is being liberally dished out by many sources primarily media, political, governmental, business, religious and social sources.

That is why large proportion of the world and more so in the so called advanced societies are suffering from some form of mental illness, and the rest of the world is hurtling down the same path by blindly chasing the very same ideas lock stock and barrel.

My family and friends think me strange for I never express anxiety nor fear. Don't know why this is so, but let me try and explore.

Nothing is to be feared, all just needs to be understood.

I try to avoid negative people and negative environments. I get my information from a variety of sources and only minimally from TV news channels, and newspapers. Some information I get from reading books and the majority by interacting with my vast and well developed network of good and realistic people who know how to comfortably tackle negativity and meet challenges.

I absorb data and information but shun most interpretations, choosing instead to analyse and reflect on what I have learnt, and selfishly discarding all that is negative or irrelevant.

Fear is a state of mind.

If we do not grant fear entry and space in our minds, negativity cannot overpower us, only then there exists the possibility for us to realise our highest potential.


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