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An ion generator to keep us safe, from Coronavirus and unhealthy air.

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Many readers ask, 'How can one keep safe in this atmosphere?'

I am not an expert, but I have friends who are, so here is what my research revealed.

The best way to reduce a fatality is to prevent infection. Since infection takes place where the virus is present, there are few precautions one can take to limit exposure to the virus.

  1. Avoid environments where groups of people particularly strangers converge, like places of worship, entertainment, study, play, etc.

  2. Avoid environments where strangers transit, like airports, trains, restaurants etc.

  3. Minimise physical contact in general.

Most of us already know this. However there is something we can do to keep our selves safe, remain healthy in our homes, offices, waiting rooms, hospital wards, classrooms etc. That is live, work and play in an environment that is rich in negative ions and also boost our immunity. 

What are negative ions?

Ions are electrically charged atoms or molecules because they have gained or lost electrons. Negative ions are molecules that have  gained one or more additional electrons.

Negative ions are abundant in nature, and in the air. They are released into the environment in many ways, which include,

* Ultra Violet rays of sunlight, 

* Negative ions are abundant  near waterbodies where water particles collides with objects and other water particles as is the case of waterfalls, rivers, streams and beaches, 

* During thunderstorms from lightening and rain,

* Plants and trees also emit a large quantum of negative ions. 

This is why we feel so refreshed when we go outdoors to these places and experience these situations. We breathe in the abundance of negative ions, and also they permeate through our skin. It is like inhaling ions harmless to our bodies but deadly for enemies of our bodies. I shall explain shortly. 

My friend, the brilliant scientist and prolific innovator and mentor, Dr. Rajendra Jagdale is one of the 'go to person' for any doubts I have about science, technology, and philosophy.

Dr. Jagdale is Director General & CEO of Pune based Science and Technology Park (STP). To verify what I had learnt, I discussed the Coronavirus crisis with him to discover,'How to create a safe environment for people to live and work in?'

He informed me that several years ago, with support of their parent organisation Govt of India's Ministry of Science and Technology, STP had supported the design, and development of a world class performing negative ion generator which they called 'Scitech Airon Negative Ion Generator' which provided a very high quality indoor environment, which is 99.7% free of viruses, germs, fungi and allergens.

Manifold more effective than other air purifiers, this technology was developed and validated by STP post the SARS and MERS epidemics of past. The product is a bit clunky. But its meant to be functional not glitzy, and there is strong demand for Scitech Airon Negative Ion Generator

What is the Scitech Airon Negative Ion Generator developed by STP?

This compact equipment produces 100 million negative ions per second that saturate the room or hall where installed with negative ions. 

The negative ions destroy germs, virus and dust particles in the air, on objects, walls and floor present in an indoor environment, like an office, home, waiting rooms, hospital wards, etc. It also removes foul odours. The Scitech Airon Negative Ion Generator offers protection not only from viruses and germs, it also minimises the possibility of asthma and bronchitics, and other breathing disorders. The inhaling and permitting of negative ions produces health benefits for 20 to 30 days, even after leaving the ion atmosphere. 

Negative ion generation is not a new technology but it has been perfected by STP and designed to be medically effective and economically viable.

The superiority of the Scitech Airon Negative Ion Generator over other available ion generators is, it does not produce harmful Ozone, a by-product when using negative ion generators.

Scientists and medical experts have already begun installing them in various places particularly in isolation wards in hospitals and other quarantine locations. This prevents transmission of virus to otherwise healthy people and health workers from infected persons present in the same shared space.

How do negative ions in the environment make us healthier and safer?

The nervous system of the human body is also an electrical system which enables us to think and feel. All the 37.2 trillion cells in our body use ions to function.

Each resting cell is negatively charged on the inside and positive on the outside. Thus allowing current to flow, across cells and in the whole body. The nature of our modern mainly urban indoor environment have very high levels dust and smoke particles, bacteria, fungi and viruses all which have a positive electrical charge, this huge excess of positive ions disturbs the functioning of the human body and makes us unhealthy and even ill.

This information, is simply too valuable to the public, to excuse any delay from my side in sharing with my readers.

To learn more or purchase the product just click on the link Scitech Airon Negative Ion Generator. If anyone is interested in learning more or purchasing the product just click on Scitech Airon Negative Ion Generator.

STP is a non profit autonomous government organisation functioning as a part of Govt of India's Ministry of Science and Technology, which promotes, research, innovation and works ceaselessly to make our world a better place.


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