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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

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Amarprit Singh (Mohit)

We always talk about learning from our elders, but rarely do we consider what our children can teach us?

Most of us lead needlessly frustrating lives, and seek to vent our frustrations. Some people like bosses and teachers have more opportunity to bully but parents are probably the worse.

We accumulate our frustrations with other people and things and bring garbage back with us, only to dump them on the people who love us most, our family and friends.

So it happened with me. One day I got upset at a trivial act of Mohit my son who was 15 at that time. I ranted and fumed and behaved in an inexcusably horrible and obnoxious manner.

After 10 minutes I had physically exhausted all my frustration, but my ego made me feel that I was completely justified in my conduct. Mohit looked at me straight in the eye and politely asked, "Dad, how would you feel if I spoke to you in the same manner?"

Respectfully and in one soft spoken question my son deflated me of all my toxic anger. I felt terribly stupid and deeply ashamed. I suddenly realised that day that, my son had grown up into a giant of a man whereas I felt I had shrivelled.

Tears came to my eyes and I hugged Mohit and asked him to forgive me for my behaviour. It was then that he broke down sobbing uncontrollably.

It has been 21 years since that incident and never again did I speak with anyone again in that thoughtless and rude manner.

Wisdom can come from anywhere, but only if we are ready to receive it.

We have to keep breaking our heart until it opens.


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