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I love the American Republic, but ....

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

We often make the mistake of believing that our love of a people and country must automatically transfer to its current government. Criticism of a government is neither enmity nor non patriotic.

Modern America was founded mainly by immigrants who fled harrowing conditions in Europe arising out of feudal rule, religious persecution, evading prison and escaping poverty. This gave rise to an American population which has been fanatical about its freedom.

European monarchies and capitalists mainly from Britain, France, Spain and Netherlands followed the people and established their rule and control over the migrant population and the local Indians.

They successfully encouraged early settlers to fight against and steal the lands and resources of the local Indians and to enslave vast numbers of people mainly from Africa. While the new settlers had no qualms about expropriating the rights of the local Indians and enslaving others, they chaffed at the idea of having European tyranny and exploitation follow them to the new lands they had established.

They who had braved great challenges to settle in America rebelled against the European colonial powers and established a 'free land'. This was the foundation of a vibrant democracy, the American Republic, 'a government of the people, by the people, for the people'.

Faulty and racially oppressive as it was, this new democracy blazed a story of entrepreneurship, economic success, technological progress and great wealth generation which made America the wealthiest and most powerful country over the last two centuries. American empire grew from strength to strength and after World War II until 1991 its military power was rivalled only by that of the Soviet Union. After the USSR collapsed in 1991 there remained no economic and military power that could rival America.

The Capitalists became the new Feudalists. Only thing is they were working in a democracy rather than the European monarchies of old. These American Capitalists became very powerful based on their ability to forcefully impose the US dollar upon the world to be the default global currency.

Without a comparable military rival the Capitalists of America using the economic power of the US Federal Reserve began to print vast amounts of money and instead of investing the money in infrastructure, industry, products and services, invested it in the financial, insurance and real estate sectors.

This resulted in the migration of the Capitalists migrating from industry to financial products and services. This financial muscle power based on more than US$ 30 trillion of debt without any adverse effect on the US economy has enabled American capitalists to dream of conquering conquer the world and do as they pleased.

This group of people who comprise the top 0.1% of the world's most powerful, and wealthy people that desire to conquer the world and rule it are called Globalists.

To achieve their aims they needed the support of the American government and bureaucracy, military, mainstream and social media, intelligence services, judiciary, politicians, etc. etc. This well oiled machine that works to further the Globalists aims and objectives is known as the 'Deep State'. The deep state also works closely with criminal gangs, terrorists, drug dealers, and other socially undesirable elements and groups.

The Deep State controls Europe, through the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). As a result EU countries are not sovereign anymore, sure they are democracies voting in elected representatives but with no real power. They have been transformed into nothing more than vassals of America.

The Deep State also has controlling influence of international multilateral institution, be it IMF, World Bank, WHO, UN, WTO, etc. Any country or leader who might potentially dare to refuse the dictates of the Globalists are either purged or the country witnesses regime changes accompanied by much riots, toxicity and widespread violence.

There is no country nor region in the world where there is no American overt or covert intervention. We witness this more openly in places like Pakistan, which is supported and indebted to drain its resources while harassing India keeping it in check, Taiwan is supported to bring down China, South Korea is supported to keep the Koreas divided. The same is true in every region. The Kurds are financed and supported to keep Iran and Turkey in check. Kosovo is wrenched free from Serbia citing vague and obscure reasons. An obscure politician Juan Guaidó is projected and supported as the president whereas it is Nicolás Maduro who is the democratically elected president of fabulously oil rich Venezuela.

Now the Globalists have gifted to the world its biggest and most dangerous headache, the conflict in Ukraine designed to destroy Russia.

The American government and Deep State has acquired over the decades enormous power and influence and hardly any of it if at all used for the general good of anybody.

Such is the dominating influence over global institutions, media and the world of virtual money, power and control across the American government and Deep State always manages to use a carrot and stick approach to get the world to tow its self serving line. The people of the world and of America be damned.

They convinces the majority of the world's population that Globalist led America is doing the right, moral and humane thing. Examples are like the great lie of Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction, and that 9/11 attack was a terrorist attack against America which endangered the whole world.

Playing on the image that Americans have of themselves as the exceptional country and people created to do good these Globalists constantly and interestingly get the people's support. Populations in most countries land up unconditionally supporting these Globalists.

One would have expected that America this great country, with its fine people would look for the truth and be just but this is not happening anymore. I am reminded of the words of a former American President , Abraham Lincoln who remarked, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

Unchallenged until now, the Globalists and the Deep State have concentrated so much power in their hands that they reveal a very ugly and dangerous face. Power concentrated within the hands of a few always brings about trouble and anguish in the long run, especially when then have no direct stake in bad outcomes.

This is why I continue to love the American Republic and her people but dislike the the Globalists and Deep State that have taken over and enforcing their evil designs through the American government.


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