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India versus Canada. The Khalistani spat explained.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (51) is a handsome, man possessed with boyish charms and good speaking abilities. He is easy to like until he opens his mouth and tries to exert responsibly the influence of the office to which he has been elected.

Trudeau made a statement in Canadian parliament, ".... we are pursuing credible allegations of the possible involvement of Indian government agents in the killing of a Canadian citizen H.S. Nijjar .. ".

Canada has failed to provide any evidence to back up his statement before and since making this absurd statement.

What are the reasons behind this fake, irrational, undiplomatic and highly dangerous outburst, especially when Nijjar a fugitive from Indian law is not even a Canadian citizen? The answer, Trudeau himself and the 5 Eyes.

Trudeau is charming in his manner but lacks both intelligence and spine. That is why he makes for being the perfect puppet for the Deep State, which is the real force behind Canada.

Trudeau has little credibility and respect, amongst world leaders and his peers. Smarting from the lack of pampering during the recently held G20 summit meeting, Trudeau has overplayed his hand to embarrass India and her government.

The Five Eyes is a collaborative effort Secret agreements allow secretive intelligence agencies in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the USA to spy on the world. Officially they work for the government but in reality they work for the Deep State.

It is difficult to respect Trudeau even though he is the PM of Canada, one of the key members of 5 Eyes led world order.

The West leaders consider themselves the indisputable leaders of the world by a combination of virtues such as destiny, history, intelligence, values as the exceptional people.

Every multilateral international institution of consequence has been dominated by the American led West.

America has been able to successfully see off all challenges to its hegemony. But a surging China America's economic challenger along with Russia their military challenger pose a threat to America. The creation of new multilateral organisations such as BRICS, SCO, etc. that have for the first time in modern history multilateral institutions where no Western country or ally is a member. India is active and playing a leading role in many of these organisations.

BRICS which is expanding rapidly with a collective GDP of its members much greater than that of the G7 nations is a direct threat to American hegemony, the dollar's status as the reserve currency and its mandated rules based world order'.

The West has been particularly irked by India not inviting Zelensky to the recently concluded G20 Summit and taking a neutral stance on the Ukraine war.

The 5 Eyes in their effort to woo a traditionally timid India away from closer cooperation with Russia and China have offered a basket of carrots. Since the carrots failed to cause a rupture it is time for the West to start swinging the stick.

Wanted people, mainly terrorists have found safe haven in the 5 Eyes countries. They have to act as per the host country's bidding whenever called upon to do so. This is why the resurgence in Khalistani provocation and uprising in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is being carried out with the host's tacit approval.

Trudeau was instructed by the 5 Eyes intelligence community to turn the screws on India by attempting to brand India and its government as terrorists. To fire a shot across the bows so as to speak. The threat is implicit, 'do as we demand or we will unleash the hornets from their nest against you'.

Neither the 5 Eyes nor the Canadian government expected such an angry and aggressive reaction from India. Nor did they expect that the baseless allegations which would have created political problems for India has actually united all Indian political and social leaders behind their government.

India has by its culture, history and philosophy never ever been known to conduct any State terrorist activities, This cannot be said about countries like USA, UK, France, Russia Israel etc. which indulge in extra judicial killings frequently and at will.

India views Canada as a marginal partner in her aspirations within the larger scheme of growth and development. A new stronger and more confident India, is ready to break up with If Canada continues to treat India as a foot stool like the Western nations have done in the past. The conflagration has been set off by Canada and rapprochement will have to be initiated by Canada.

Will the extraordinary fine, big hearted and intelligent people and parliament of Canada do the right and honourable thing?

Whether Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh do what is in Canada's interest is a moot question?


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