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Is it, inspiration or envy?

Let us for a moment be selfish and examine this in material terms.

Envy is toxic, just by its presence. Not only does it corrode us from within, it destroys everything it touches.

On the other hand Inspiration provides so much for so little. Inspiration gives us hope, courage and energises us to better ourselves without us even making a conscious effort, to do so.

Need I say, which is the better choice?

The sole purpose of travelling on the spiritual journey is for the salvation of one's soul. In that sense being spiritual, is to be selfish. Selfish being defined as 'being concerned about oneself'.

If we remove all vestiges of morality imposed on us by organised religious, selfishness is the natural condition of man. To accept that selfishness is a virtue in an increasingly socialistic society, is to attract scorn and even abuse. This is not unusual for more abuse is heaped on speakers of the truth than those that mislead, lie and cheat.

The spiritual journey does not permit a being to carry any baggage, be it material, emotional or intellectual. That is why the great masters ask disciples to shed this baggage.



Everyone has faults but they also have goodness.

A 2500 year old philosophy proposed by Chanakya still holds true, today.

Acceptance or rejection of goodness makes all the difference between being inspired or becoming jealous. If we are inspired we will change for the better, if we grow envious we will regress.


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