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Israel, Hamas, Palestine and the world, what next?

Updated: Jan 14

Three of the most destructive political leaders in the world in the past 100 years have been Mao Zedong, Stalin and Hitler.

Collectively they killed 140 million of their people in pursuit of imposing their peculiar ideology based on intolerance.

Intolerance breeds hatred and hatred breeds violence. To achieve their fanatical ideological goals they had to first seize political power.

The fastest way to achieve power is by terrorising and instilling the fear of death and destruction in people. Mao in his many writings espoused this thinking "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun".

I say 'It is not the number killed, but the number terrified that is more important to overpower a people'. Hamas knows and uses this approach all too well.

After Israel relinquished control of Gaza in 2005 to the Palestinians, Hamas used brutal violence against the Palestinians to come to power.

In the 2023 Oct 7th attack on Israel, Hamas did not attack a single military establishment or soldier. They attacked only civilians killing 1,500 and injuring more than 5,000 and took 236 hostages. They then broadcast their brutalisation of ordinary men, women and children in the most horrible manner possible across the world using social media. They wanted to terrify the Jews into submission.

Hamas knew that their actions would force a swift and hard Israeli retaliation that would work in Hamas's favour to achieve their twin objectives.

First, play victim using the predictable disproportionate reaction of the Israeli State to politically and economically isolate Israel globally.

Second, to unite the Muslims of the world in a global Jihad leading to civil wars and the eventual conquest of Islam over the rest of the world of Kafurs.

Hamas supported by Iran, hides behind the unsolvable Palestinian cause which is based on the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews.

Palestinian leaders and terror apologists have taken pains to point out that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people.

Hamas is a terrorist organisation that at the point of a gun has obtained the support of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Global outrage is taking place, not against Hamas the perpetrators of this conflict but against Israel the ones who are responding. Except for Iranian proxies, the Houthis in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon much of the support is mere lip service delivered at the impotent United Nations.

Israel has its supporters mainly in the USA and in Europe. Many other countries and people including most Arab leaders and even most of the other Palestinian groups whilst seeking support for Palestinians secretly support Israel against Hamas.

The challenge for Israel is, separating ordinary Gazians from Hamas. Since they cannot Israel is seeking to occupy Gaza after mostly depopulating it. Not by killing Gaza residents but by making Gaza uninhabitable. Thus the destruction of infrastructure, electricity, water supply, schools, hospitals, residences, etc. is taking place on a large scale.

Israel appears cold-hearted, ignoring global opinion, the costs and the consequences of their attack on Gaza and Hamas. For them to let slip the opportunity presented by Hamas to reoccupy Gaza would be a blunder.


For Israel, no price is too high to ensure their survival by destroying an enemy committed to their extinction.

Eventually, most Gazans to simply survive, will have to flee Gaza and seek refuge in a third country. The tragedy is Hamas will not let them flee and other countries are unwilling to receive the troublesome Gazans. Only time will tell what will happen. The most likely outcome will be, the Israeli occupation of Gaza, in which the Palestinians who were free in Gaza before Oct 07th will become second-class citizens in their land.

Hamas's second objective is to unite the Muslim masses in every town, city and village to rise against the Kafur, terrorise and take over. They seek to spark open global Jihad. Protests are already taking place across the world and they can easily slip out of control, turn violent and a wildfire can ensue.

Hamas is counting on the UN to rescue it from the mess they have created for the Palestinian cause and its people. Israel with American support is thwarting efforts for a ceasefire at the UN.

In any event, a ceasefire as demanded by the Palestinians will achieve nothing, because a ceasefire is only a temporary lull in fighting. The solution is a peace agreement, but the Palestinians by adopting maximalist and unreasonable demands ensure that peace is impossible. That is exactly what extreme elements in Israel also want so that they can finish off the Palestinian issue.

It matters little who we are and what we believe. Be sure we are all inexorably being dragged into the vortex of a toxic world war. This war between Islamophobia and anti-Kafur will have far-reaching adverse consequences.


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