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Magnificent but ugly

As I drove along a narrow congested street, a beautiful and expensive car turned and pulled up behind me, honking demanding I let the driver overtake. I would have but there was no room unless I pulled off the road. That I felt was unnecessary considering how rude the driver was. Then the driver turned on the all the powerful headlights and tried to bear down upon me. Unperturbed and somewhat amused I just ignored the honking and drove on.

Wondered. Why is it that people who have so much tend to be so rough. Beautiful looks, handsome physiques, magnificent homes, stately or sporty vehicles seems to screw up the minds and attitudes of such people, so much that they tend to be ugly in their behaviour?

Almost a waste of good fortune.

We become ugly when we believe that our belongings are us. Becoming the object, we forget ourselves. The asset is not the individual, it merely belongs to the individual and that too temporarily.


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