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Man makes the house, Woman makes the home.

It is nature's way. The male mainly provides the security and material things, and the female provides the soul of our social existence. So it is with our residences.

A house is not the same as a home. A home is a house with a soul.

A house is merely a structure. It caters to the material and security needs of its occupants. Usually, the man builds the house and the woman makes the home. Together they make the family.

A home nourishes the intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of the residents.

A home is simultaneously both warm and cool. It provides a warm embrace of love and security whilst permitting us to experience the cool freshness of freedom. This can only come with a sense of belonging. A home is a place filled with the aroma of good food, somewhere to place the head and lazily and peacefully drift off to sleep. A woman best facilitates this environment.

A home provides us with a sense of belonging. A place where, at first our parents and later our children enrich our lives and meet the challenges that life throws our way. Together we enjoy the passage of time. A home is a refuge where we return to enhance our joy and cope with grief. Home is where we come, to fuel our dreams and bolster our confidence.

The home provides the soul and the spirit from which society and civilisations are fashioned. Good homes produce strong people rich in character. Broken homes produce damaged spouses and broken children, eventually producing a broken society.

It is important to ask ourselves,

'Do we live in a house or a home? Do we need to make changes? If yes then what are those changes needed?'

Then make those changes.


Note: The image is that of our living room

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