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Men are Nutty, Women are Fruity

A question often arises, are males more tough or females?

It depends upon how we define toughness. If it has to do with physical strength and stamina, the male is typically tougher than the female.

We, humans, have not risen to become the most successful species merely because of our brawn. It is mainly because of our intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacity.

Spiritually and Intellectually the sexes are more or less equal with males somewhat more intellectual than females.

However, in terms of emotional and psychological toughness, females are much superior and more sophisticated than males. One can easily misunderstand the moaning and complaining we hear from females as a sign of weakness, it is in reality an additional arrow in their emotional quiver to achieve what they want.

Toughness is in a way, the capacity to be ruthless, meaning the ability to take and implement difficult even unpleasant decisions. To suffer in the short term to benefit in the medium to long term.

As per lore, we have been brought up with the notion that females are more compassionate and kind whereas men are hard and cruel. Sure, some of the worst acts of killing, destruction and massacres have been carried out by men at the head of armies and gangs, and what have you.

However, if you look closely, we will discover that women are just as capable or even worse still in inflicting cruelty upon others. But they are less physical about it.

The ultimate objective of a species is to survive to reproduce and ensure the survival of their offspring. The female has to carry the greater load of pregnancy, childbirth, nursing and rearing of children. She has to be tougher than the male and even other females.

From my own experience, women are like fruits and men are like nuts.

Women are like fruits, beautiful, attractive, lush and soft on the outside. But inside the fruit, we will often discover a hard core. This hard core which carries the woman's heart, is very difficult to penetrate or break open from the outside.

Men like nuts look very tough and rugged, generally not so difficult to break open. Within the nut, we will discover a soft mushy core.

Women by necessity have to be ruthless, they cannot afford to be easily compassionate about others, though they tend to be very compassionate about their children and to their kin. But for others, they can make some of the toughest decisions.

As a family, some of the most difficult decisions, ruthless and hard, even heart-wrenching decisions that affected our family were taken not by me but by my wife Mohini. She put her foot down, refusing to let my emotions and passion override common sense in making hard decisions.

I am happy to say, that she was often right if not always. Whenever I permitted my compassionate and kind nature to fuddle my thinking, I made things worse for myself, my family, and my organisation.

If you have to make a difficult decision, I suggest that you consult the woman in your life. It could be a grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc.

How can women help make decisions about things they do not know or even understand? The answer is quite simple. women are emotionally more sophisticated and stronger. They can sense human needs and understand human nature much better than the intellectually and logically driven male.

Decisions are not about finding the solution.  There are no solutions, there are only compromises. Every decision has its repercussions, some good and some not so-good.

I could almost guarantee that by consulting the key woman in our life the chances of making the right decision are quite high. We will feel even happier about the decision much later.


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