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Mr. God

Most people ask, 'Is God male of female?'

First we need to understand 'Who or what is God?'

All religions and believers claim that God is, omnipotent that is with unlimited power, omnipresent meaning whose presence is widespread, in fact everywhere. And of course God is indestructible.

The only thing that meets these three parameters is energy. God is nothing but this energy that is manifested in all of Existence.

Then how do we come to know and experience God?

Throughout history two pathways have been adopted by us humans to understand God and Existence.

The first approach being the emotional-spiritual approach, where we see and experience God in all aspects of nature which provides and nurtures us and hence God is primarily viewed as feminine in all aspects, such as mother earth, mother nature experienced through the elements.

The second approach being the material- intellectual approach which analyses God as an all powerful concentration of power in a human being hence God is seen as masculine.

The human mind generally employs intellect and logic to fit Creation into something we can understand. Because Creation is infinitely vast and our minds comparatively so insignificant we cannot comprehend Creation, as a result we always tend to get lost in knowing God.

In fact, those who know God cannot describe God. Thos who describe God do not know God.

But the curiosity of humankind must be addressed, an explanation has to be offered by the leaders in society to the simple minded and trusting masses who look to their leaders for guidance.

Some people have seen great opportunity to capitalise on this natural human desire. Thus was born organised religion to cater to the greed and fears of mankind and the ability of a few to politically, socially, economically and militarily dominate and exploit others.

It is true, God was, is and will be.

This does not mean, God is a man sitting somewhere on a throne in the sky, or a woman floating on a lotus flower, etc. Rather God is in every drop of water, every grain of sand in every bit of atmosphere, in every leaf, in each creature and the life throb in every being of Existence.

The starting question itself is erroneous, because God is neither male nor female, God is neutral.

God is not a being, but existence itself, manifested as energy.

Existence is God, and God is Existence.


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