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Myths, Religion and Mythology

Sculpture of 'Abduction and rape of Proserpina by Hades' ~ Captured by, Mateus Campos Felipe

We humans tend to be arrogant, about what we are.

Rarely do we realise that, what we believe we are is not really us. Rather it is something simply given to us by others, such as membership of a state, religion, status, wealth, inheritance etc.

These things we receive are mere props that we use to define ourselves. They are needed to create the illusion of the 'I' our ego, our sense of the self. Because that is all we know and associate ourselves with, we will defend our ego and the props to the death.

As a consequence we are dismissive of what does not fit within our own paradigm. 'What I do not sense, nor understand, nor appreciate cannot be true or relevant.' We are also hostile to whatever may even remotely threaten our props.

History reveals that much of what we have learnt and continue to learn is often incorrect and biased, if not down right false. Falsehoods are planted and spread for many reasons, none of them good. In many cases these 'myths' lead to exploitation, intolerance and destruction.

Nowhere is this phenomenon observed more greatly than in 'organised religion'

One can be tempted to then ask, 'Why in spite of all the drawbacks and negativity of organised religion is it so popular?

Arrogance is a major reason, be it of youth, wealth, power or knowledge makes us certain of being right. our wants, attachments to people and things and our fears lull us and keeps us in a state of spiritual ignorance.

Increasingly many people are questioning the meaning of their existence, and the majority find in spite of so called 'success' and achievements their lives seem to them to be in fact empty and meaningless.

We do not have the capacity nor the time, leave alone the inclination, we need ready made answers, that the majority seem to accept, 'religion'. This is what organised religion offers, addressing social needs, giving solace and making promises.

True religion embraces all of existence, and not only respects but celebrates life. It recognises and accepts the contradictions of our existence, between good and bad, night and day, evil and good, flowers and thorns etc. It is not hostile to what is different nor does it discriminate between one individual, one type and the other being.

True religion encourages questioning and never provides answers, it only helps the questioner to awaken so as to find his or her own answers.


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