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One cannot frighten the brave.

Updated: Feb 29

Since childhood, I have seen Communist Chinese constantly bully and dominate India. The latest Chinese incursions and aggression have received a befitting reply by brave Indian soldiers, supported by firm leadership. It has shocked many and none more than the Chinese People's Liberation Army themselves. 

I am reminded of an incident in the life of our family where my Uncle, Sardar Manohar Singh Ji, effectively took on some bullies, and I can share that experience with you.


Arriving in India from Burma as refugees in 1965, my father and uncle decided to establish a manufacturing unit in Pune. One day in 1968, when I was 10 years old, my brother and I accompanied my uncle to the factory site where factory construction was underway.  

Around noon, a nasty man, accompanied by a handful of men swaggered onto the site. We learnt much later that the man was a notorious local goon. 

The goon's manner was extremely aggressive, he demanded to know from my uncle, " Are you the owner?" 

Uncle sensed trouble, and cooly replied,  "Yes I am the owner. How can I help you?"

The goon pointed a threatening finger at Uncle, "We don't want people like you, here. Pack up and leave. I don't want to see you here from tomorrow." 

Uncle walked slowly towards the bully and glared defiantly at him. The goon jabbed a finger in my uncle's chest and repeated himself now heaping abuses.

Uncle asked us boys to stand back. This should have warned the goon that this was not going to be a walkover, but bullies rarely expect resistance.

The man had no idea who he was dealing with. 

Our father and uncle were World War II survivors. Though civilians, their village in Burma ( now Myanmar) was close to the conflict. between the Japanese and the Allied forces. 

They lost everything they owned in the destruction unleashed by the war. In addition, they were often detained, beaten up, bombed, shot at, strafed, and much more. They had witnessed death and torture up close. They had stared at and evaded certain death by sheer grit, cunning, and good fortune.  Uncle knew that violence, fear and death were omnipresent, nothing seemed to faze him, plus he was a Khalsa Sikh who are insanely fearless.

Like a Cobra, suddenly my Uncle's hand shot out and caught the goon's jugular in a pincer grip. With the other hand, he grabbed the goon's testicles and squeezed.

The goon writhed in pain, as his eyes almost popped out. He screamed but no sound could escape his constricted throat. uncle Manohar slowly and torturously edged the goon towards the perimeter of the plot. There he gave him a shove and a kick in his chest. The goon went sprawling and lay still on the road, not daring to move nor say anything. 

Now Uncle pointed his finger at the goon and said, "I don't want to see you here again, the next time you might not be so lucky"

The stooges picked up their leader and fled. That was the end of all kinds of hooliganism. 

Father and uncle built the factory,  and the company prospered,  eventually, employing 5,800 employees by 1996 -1997.

Bullies, at heart, are cowards. They build their notoriety by beating some weak entities and then let their reputation work on intimidating and frightening their future targets.

They never dare to attack someone strong, lest they receive a bloody nose or even worse a drubbing.  Such an outcome destroys the dastardly reputation they carefully built.

All it takes is courage and the willingness to accept pain and difficulty. 

Once people realise that the goon can be effectively tackled, with firmness, and some guts, the bully is finished, and eventually abandoned by all.

'Courage is not the absence of fear, but the belief that some things are more important than fear.'

This lesson provides a clue on how to possibly handle a bully called China.

This I will cover in my next article.


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