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Only the weak are cruel. The strong ...

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Strength is vital for safety, security, resources and mates in our social environment.

Strong and weak are relative terms. Every being possesses some strength.

When we say 'strong' we mean the capacity to withstand or to exert relatively higher force or energy than others can.

It is natural for a creature to try and dominate other members of its species,

so as to obtain the best and more than others, while the weak survive by compromising. Unequal and unfair it may seem, but this is the natural world of all living beings.

The more primitive the nature, the greater the reliance on physical strength. Weapons of various kinds are now used to physically, emotionally, psychologically etc. to dominate others.

All designs for domination are a win-lose proposition, because they are born out of conflict. This is the premise of conquests and empire building, and it is always destructive. Though this is seen as a strength it's actually weakness. There is always the fear of retaliation or rebellion so there is need for endless destruction and instilling fear.

Cruelty is the act of harming or instilling fear of harm. It is the primary weapon of the weak. After all, how can anyone who depends on fear themselves be fearless?

Because we humans have evolved to possess higher intelligence, we have developed sophisticated non physical strengths to influence others. Therefore, unlike other creatures do not have to necessarily fight physically for everything. Rather than conflict, the intelligent and civilised appeal to mutual benefit, peace, friendship, harmony, dignity and love born out of cooperation and understanding.

This is the true hallmark of good leadership and high human evolution and is constructive and pleasing in nature.

Those who are freed from fear, evolve to higher levels of human potential and are able to focus on art, culture, advancement of learning in every field science, health, agriculture, manufacturing etc. thus a stronger and more vibrant humanity.


We have to remember that we can regulate and control ourselves but not others. So one should not be so foolish or naive to blindly believe stated intent of evil people.

Therefore to preserve oneself one has to not only be prepared to tackle cruelty by others, but also demonstrate a capacity and capability to hit back with such vigour that the thought of causing harm by others is eliminated.

The most powerful example comes from the life and teachings of the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji. The Guru created from his Sikh disciples the Khalsa a saint-warrior humanity. Externally they are easily recognised by their long unshorn hair and armed with a Kripan (sabre). The word 'Kripan' comes from the Sanskrit words of 'Kripa' (grace/blessing) and 'aan' (the being).

The Guru armed his disciples, the Khalsa physically with worldly weapons, awoke within them intense passion, instilled and infused within their hearts incredible courage, and a capacity to reform or destroy those who are cruel or unjust.

The true Khalsa is noble, gracious, passionate and completely fearless.

in character, emotionally passionate and committed by nature, incredible courage to defend and protect oneself, one's dependents and the weak.

Known as Singh (lion), there can never be a better friend than a Khalsa Sikh and there can be no more dangerous a foe. A Khalsa possesses strength in character and manner who never attacks unless threatened, attacked or has to protect.

The world thus know the Khalsa Sikh as the greatest friends and most dangerous adversaries, depending on their intent and actions.

This is why the Khalsa inspite of his or her great strength, ferocious nature and fearless character is never cruel.



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