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Panavadi - Ideal village goals

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

  1. Minimum earning per employable village youth should be Rs. 7,000/month

  2. The Village income should be a minimum of Rs. 100 lacs (Rs 10 million) from common and community related activities.

  3. Redevelopment of the entire village to meet high standards of sanitation, lighting, ventilation and access.

  4. Make the entire valley organic and stop the use of all chemicals.

  5. To raise the standard of living of the 35 residents who are currently living BPL (Below poverty line ) above the line within one year

  6. Within 3 years ensure the villagers can afford purchase of cooking gas without availing any subsidy.

  7. Within 3 years, self generate enough non-conventional energy, efficiently and cost effectively so that no electricity need be drawn from the grid

  8. Set up a food processing cluster to add value to agricultural products from the area.

  9. Set up and operate a common cattle shed (Ghoshala).

  10. Bio-gas plant

  11. Bottling plant for Methane and CO2 gas generated from agricultural waste

  12. Organic manure

  13. Mushroom Cultivation

  14. Gram Sahavas : Unique experience for urban folks to experience authentic rural life in the form of 'village stay' for visitors.

  15. Introduce Eco Resort/Agri tourism to leverage natural habitat and environment.

  16. Outdoor Adventure sports

  17. Vanikarnan : Medicinal and endangered species plantations

  18. Village museum

  19. Adventure sports

  20. Introduce changes to upgrade academic and learning levels in the existing 3 primary and one high schools.

  21. Within every household ensure shift from cooking on smokey wood fired stoves to operating on locally produced low cost, efficient biomass pelletised fuel and forced draft stoves.

  22. Provide safe drinking water systems (Competed) Launch of Scitech Water ATM 


Committed to a better world, I serve as a volunteer for this project and contact point for new initiatives.If you wish to know more, participate in or contribute resources, your time, skills, knowledge, experiences or funds, or contribute in any other manner please contact me Email : Gurvinder Singh

Mobile: +91 - 957 951 0353 for WhatsApp & SMS communication.

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