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We humans have a compulsive need to express ourselves. We seek to reach out to unknown forces which many call God, sometimes to ourselves but mostly to our fellow beings.

We keep on expressing even when there is no audience at the other end. Then when we suddenly realise there is no one listening, viewing, feeling, touching or tasting what we express, we suddenly feel foolish and embarrassed. Then we try again and again and again never giving up until we are acknowledged or die trying.

What can happen when we are not acknowledged?

Take the case of the great artist Vincent Van Gogh who created 2100 beautiful works of art in a decade and sold only one of them.Van Gogh painted for himself, not for making money nor to become famous However when society and the world at large refused to acknowledge his work he suffered from depression, became insane and eventually died at age 37 in great material poverty.

Though I express to please and satisfy myself, no doubt it is always appreciated to be appreciated by one's readers.

I must acknowledge, if you my friends, well wishers, detractors and critics, were not there, all my intellectual and emotional effort would be like a broken pencil, completely pointless.

Thank you all.


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