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Sanctions - Plan 'A' - World War@Ukraine

Updated: May 31, 2022

Plan 'A' - Sanctions and economic war of attrition

Over past 30 years, America and the West have used sanctions and increasingly financial sanctions to punish regimes that did not tow the American line. Even though evidence points to the fact that sanctions do not work ,America and the West persist in applying them.

After Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb 27 of this year, America and her allies hastily imposed on Russia six rounds of sanctions (6,400 measures in all and continuing to expand).

The intent, as American President Biden says, is to destroy the Russian economy, and make rubble out of the Rouble. Impose so much misery within Russia and upon ordinary Russians, that they would rise up against the current regime led by Putin and bring in someone more pliable and amenable to the Americans.

This Plan 'A' has not only failed it has backfired rather spectacularly on America, the West and vassals. The rest of the world world which is being dragged into the quagmire, can only wring their hands as they struggle to cope and survive.

Ironically at the current time, the Russian economy is strong, has normal inflation, the stores are well stocked and their is adequate energy and food for Russian citizens. Currently at 58 roubles to the US Dollar (it was 135 in the first week of March), the Rouble is in fact the strongest it has been in a very long time and continues to rise in strength. Russian interest rates are down to 11%

America and Europe are beginning to experience significant price rise and shortages of everything including fuel, energy, food, fertiliser etc. Wages and incomes are not rising but the cost of everything is rising rapidly caused by inflation rates, the highest in 30 to 50 years, quite similar to the ones experienced during the great depression of the 1930s. Economists predict a dire future for Europe and the world at large, warning about food shortages and inadequate energy for homes and industry this coming winter.

Evidently, Plan 'A' of the American led West, which is the use of 'Shock and Awe' sanctions in an economic war of attrition against Russia is boomeranging on the West. The deepening self created economic and social crisis within Europe has begun to alarm many within Europe as the crisis rapidly deepens, and dark clouds appear on the horizon.

Without adequate energy availability European industry and society are hurtling towards an abyss. Yet the political leadership appears unconcerned, unwilling or unable to get off the 'sanctions escalator'.


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Dear Gurvinder ji, my deeply felt respect to your very well formulated and analysed article. Agree with you on all points. Looking forward to your next one. Keep it up.

Mi piace
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